Ayesha Ophelia was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This modern southern belle is the creator of The Girlfriend Manifesto, a seductive and empowering women's space for inspired living. Her personal manifesto consists of 'a strong sisterhood, spirituality, a radical self love practice and adventure.'

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Via her Youtube channel Holy Rebellion, she shares inspired content that speaks to the union of our sacred/holy and human selves. Read on to learn about her favorite routines, tools, places and products that support her expansive and conscious life. Plus a link to her Craft Your Own Manifesto guide. 


Inside/Out: Your weekly routine(s)?
Ayesha Ophelia: The mornings always feel so ripe with possibility! I set aside 15-30 minutes every day to journal, and pick a daily oracle/tarot card. I use the blank page to get anything out that feels stuck as well as for inspiration and organization of my day. It's a mindfulness routine that has evolved over time. The first step is always putting the kettle on the stove and picking out a tea that feels intuitively guided for the day. I make it a point to take my time because the rest of my day can feel so rushed. 

Your lifestyle rituals?
In the summer time I juice daily. My favorite lately is a spirulina, pineapple, banana and watermelon combo. Herbs are also a big part of my lifestyle. I make tea using herbs. I take baths using herbs. I steam my yoni using herbs. I use herbs as supplements. My favorite herbs are nettles, red raspberry, oatstraw, and cannabis. Once a week I go to the farmers market and I wait in a very long line for some of the most beautiful flowers grown by a few different family farms. I love having *wild things (aka *nature) around me and flowers in particular bring out a certain feeling of possibility and boldness that I crave!


Your favorite trainer, class or studio?
My body really responds to a combination of Barre Class and dance. I'm a bit of a studio slut so I did a lot of Pure Barre as well as some barre classes at a few local spots in Chattanooga. One in particular called Peace.Strength.Yoga also offers booty yoga which a combination of yoga and dance. 

Your favorite practitioner?
I am forever a curious student and lately Toko-pa Turner's work has really been impacting my life. She is an author, mystic and works with dreams. She has a book called Belonging that really has helped me to see more of my own story as a sacred right of passage into womanhood and belonging to myself and a community.

Your favorite lifestyle brands or products? 
Give me roses! Roses are a heart healer and I use them in my beauty routine as much as possible. Lately its with the Atlanta-based brand Little Barn Apothecary's Aloe + Rosewater Balance Mist which is affordable (17 bucks from Anthropologie) and is great first thing in the morning or as a refresher during the day. I also love wearing Teeki, a women's eco-conscious activewear brand out of Topanga Canyon. Every time I wear the printed bell bottoms I get tons of compliments and they are soft and comfortable for in and out of yoga or barre class.

Your favorite podcast? 
On Being with Krista Tippett
is a voice I could listen to forever. She is a natural storyteller who has conversations about the big questions we all have. My favorite episode was with the late poet John O'Donohue. Big feelings always come from listening. I always remember an essential truth that leaves me floating through my day.

This is a pretty big departure from my normally consumed information (which I love) but Aubrey Marcus does so many things right in my book. He merges spirituality with his favorite thing which is physical endurance/performance. At first I thought I know what this guy is about...muscles and blondes with big boobs. He actually is about that life but also has an interest in plant medicine, spirituality, and really looking at life from an empowered place. He has interviewed a lot of amazing people on his podcast. Totally worth a try if you want to expand your current roster.

A book that has helped you with personal development?
Louise Hay wrote a book called You Can Heal Your Life years before science would get on board with any of the thinking that linked disease to emotional states and patterns. Her book was part auto-biography and part guide to most ailments that a person would encounter in a lifetime. I healed many things by using her suggestions as a part of my healing protocol.

A woman we should interview (and why)? 
I met *Jaguar aka La Vonne Natasha Caesar at Spirit Weavers and learned about her phenomenal story of a near death accident and her consequent path as a POWERFUL healer. She taught me a lifetime of work in a weekend. Most of it just by her divine presence and power. She is a big beautiful soul and the world needs to know her. She can be found at The Lighthouse Vibration.

An active or wellness oriented trip on your wishlist?
Taos, New Mexico has been calling me for a while. It's a mini mecca for magic and wellness and I have been wanting to go to a retreat center and disconnect and write. El Monte Sagrado comes highly recommended as a place to recharge, connect, and write.