All photography by Alexandra Kacha

All photography by Alexandra Kacha


“This series is comprised of the powerful women I have worked with in the past month. Every single day I meet girls who inspire me. They tell me a story and I help them convey it within my space and studio. The process is sacred to me - what the women share with me and my ability to help them overcome their challenges through our creative collaboration.


While most lifestyle and family photographers are shooting engagements and kid’s birthday parties, I get to photograph sex workers, queers, kinksters and angels. 


This journey began over 12 years ago, when a friend of mine who had become a dominatrix needed work photos. From there it became both a passion and awakened me to this career choice.


These days, I work predominantly with the women pictured in these photographs. Women mean the world to me. They are my driving force both creatively and professionally. For a year now I have the concept of 'girl power' stuck in my brain.


Two words: Girl Power. These girls who can do anything, girls who do what they want. Femininity is progressing in a powerful way and I am thankful to be a part of the movement, meeting others who feel like I do, who want to work with me, trust me and choose to collaborate.”


About contributor Alexandra Kacha:
Austin born, LA based photographer Alexandra Kacha specializes in capturing self-identifying women in dreamy, unique and eye catching moments. Whether featuring moments of maternity, birth, romance or sex work for clients like Pitchfork, Condé Nast, Rolling Stone or the LA Times, an undercurrent of empowerment and intimacy prevails throughout.

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