It’s been a year.

A year since two long lost friends and collaborators were reunited in the locker room of their cycling studio. Comparing notes about the importance of movement and community in their lives, they identified with an increasingly undeniable desire to connect with like minded women.

Over juices, breakfasts, buddha bowls, avo toasts and, bien sûr, wine - this is Paris, after all - the conversation continued. Questions and frustrations followed: the representation of women in the lifestyle arena, the lack of resources for female entrepreneurs. How to share the renewed sense of strength and self confidence that we had gained through our mindbody practices? Where were we in the media? How could we connect in real life?

From these discussions, a mission emerged: to create an authentic and relevant conversation between women and sports, celebrating both physical strength and emotional intelligence. To highlight women living empowered lives, their communities, challenges, and conscious contributions locally and globally.

To share, online and in real life.

We created a magazine with the intent to showcase true and untold stories. In one year, we have published over 200 texts including lifestyle news, trend and insights, testimonials, essays, and expert features providing actionable advice, tools and tips.

On a global level, we are a quickly growing lifestyle hub that serves to connect like minded women around the world through unique travel guides, programming, workshops, networking and liaison services. Today, our community reach consists of over 200,000 followers. Our expert network is over 500,000.

We set out to make a magazine. We created a community. And therefore, by celebrating this anniversary, we celebrate you. 

With much love and extreme gratitude.

Alison & Jessica