U.N.X FIGHT CLUB BY Marie Dall’Arche


"When we moved to Paris, I decided to sign up for self-defense classes. I had quickly come to realize I didn’t feel safe when I took the metro and that if something were to happen, I wouldn’t be able to defend myself.

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So I went to a Krav Maga class close to home. I knew nothing of the century-old discipline. I was the only woman there, surrounded by men who were ready for combat. My coach pushed me to challenge my own limits, to be more confident. I learned not to position myself as a victim, not to hold back. I learned how to take the upper hand and face my fears, instead of running away.



One night, after training for eighteen months, I was attacked as I was walking home. I was coming back from a night out, it was around midnight. I think the guys followed me from the metro. They waited to be in a darker street to take action. There were three of them. They had a whole method: the first one stopped me, the second one started pulling on my bag, and the third one left with it. An attack always happens very quickly, so I didn’t pause to think. I applied the things I had learned. Without thinking. It was  pure instinct. That’s how I managed to control the situation. With a few targeted blows, my attacker was on the ground.

Women are often wrongly overlooked in self-defense sports, but we have great capacities.

I wasn’t even in shock: on the contrary, I was very calm. I came home, I was five minutes away from my apartment. My phone had fallen on the ground, I retrieved it. When I got there, I charged the phone and called my husband. He was the one in shock, he didn’t get any sleep that night. On the other hand, I took a shower, went to bed and slept really well.

That night, I didn’t feel particularly proud but I was convinced that my classes made more sense than ever, so I decided to do something about it. After this incident, Olivier (ed: her husband and  the co-founder of their brand U.N.X) and I created the U.N.X Fight Club. The club is a an opportunity to share and learn, during which we teach women the self-defense techniques of Krav Maga with the coach who trained me.

By learning to defend herself, a woman can gain a lot of confidence, both physically and mentally.

Women are often wrongly overlooked in self-defense sports, but we have great capacities. We can take advantage of the surprise effect, because we’re not expected to know how to defend ourselves. We are also very precise in our application of force, and very nimble. If we have enough strength and confidence to face another person, the fear goes away… By learning to defend herself, a woman can gain a lot of confidence, both physically and mentally.

Most of the time, we look at this the wrong way: we choose self-defense sports to become stronger, to walk with our heads up, to exude confidence, to learn to anticipate and be conscious of our surroundings, to walk with self-assurance. All of that can be learned, and it then feeds through to our professional, personal, and family life. We then become capable of facing the problems of everyday life: to be brave enough to support our professional projects, to assert our ideas, to be in control of ourselves when it comes to children, to go for our goals… We rid our behavior from signals of weakness or fear.

The U.N.X Fight Club is as important to us as our brand - U.N.X - because these things go hand in hand. We wear our clothes because we feel comfortable in them, but also because they help us face day-to-day life. It becomes a state of mind. We create clothes for the strong, dynamic, modern woman. It’s a fusion between sportswear and class, because the modern woman needs to be able to do so many things in one day: exercise, take care of her children, work, and keep a little time for herself… She needs to feel comfortable, she needs practical wear, hence the pockets on the skirts, the use of elastic rather than zippers. Our goal is to offer a line of clothes that are closer to reality, to modern life, and clothes in which a woman can defend herself."


Marie Dall’Arche co-founded the brand U.N.X with her husband Olivier, in September 2016. UNX mixes the influences of a sportswear infused with performance and some inspired by a minimal modern style. The first collections were inspired by Muay-Thaï, Judo and Taekwondo, like a journey to the roots of combat sportswear. The components are designed around the idea of movement, comfort and the beauty of the gesture.

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