Having a vision for your life and business, no matter how small, can provide inspiration to fuel your greatest actions, and conviction to make it through even the toughest times.


In my work as a strategist for entrepreneurs, there’s a whole host of frameworks and tools I use to help my clients uncover the heart of their brand. Together, we clarify the purpose and core values of their company so they can prepare to grow their business in revenue, in impact and in integrity. And most importantly, we define their vision - the ultimate objective, the raison d’être, to act as their guiding North Star.

These tools and the time my clients commit to working through them with me can be life-changing. Witnessing the breakthroughs, the sense of purpose that’s unlocked and the emotional high that comes with it is what I live for.

It’s made me reflect deeply on how we plan and live our lives. And I’ve been asking myself lately: why on earth aren’t we using these frameworks in our lives as individuals? We feel very comfortable investing time and money to define visions and values for companies, yet if you asked someone on the street, I doubt they could tell you their vision and values for life.

I want to change this. Starting with you.


We all have dreams.
But between dreams and reality is vision.
So here is my framework for defining a Vision and a Mission for yourself, your life, and your future.


What’s a vision?
Your vision is your ultimate objective, your life’s work - the ‘why’ behind your actions, and therefore, if you have one - your business. Your vision is what you believe the world needs more of. Your vision should make you proud, excited and a little bit scared.
In my view, your vision doesn’t need to be profound or grandiose, but it should be a good vision for everyone involved: you, your loved ones, your community, your collaborators, society-at-large and the environment. Some people’s vision is so big, they will need to join up with many other like-minded people in their lifetime to make it happen. Some people’s vision is small but impactful. Some people know they have a big vision in them, but it's not ready to come out yet. So they choose a modest one to start.
Here’s one thing a Vision is not: a competition.

What’s a mission?
A mission is what you’re doing right now to on the journey to lead you to your vision. Your mission will likely change over time, as you get more clarity on ‘how’ you can continue to move towards the vision. A mission keeps you grounded to what’s truly important in your life and work. Being clear on your mission prevents you from constantly chasing new, shiny objects and instead keeps you focused on reaching the vision.

To summarize:
Vision: the long-term goal, your ‘life’s work’.
Mission: what you’re focusing on right now to move towards it.

How to uncover your own vision and mission?
Slow down and get quiet within yourself - you’ll need to tap into that deeper voice of wisdom within you.
Do what you need to do to physically relax. Turn of your phone, meditate, do a calming ritual - whatever helps you to focus and be present.
Here are some thought starters to help you uncover your vision. Ask yourself…
What are you doing when you truly come alive?
What do you know that others don’t that will change their lives?
What can you do that others can’t?
What do you do that others don’t?
Do you believe in a world in which (something you care deeply about) could be fairer, easier, cheaper, accepted, celebrated, adopted by all?
If you are to leave your tiny corner of the universe a little bit better than you found it, what will you do?

Answer these questions, then go on a long walk and stew them over.
If you’re doing this for the first time, expect uncovering your vision to be a process. We often have to do a great deal of deconditioning work to rid ourselves of thoughts, ideals of success and beliefs that are not our own. It can take time. But once the clouds part at last, your own vision will shine as clear and bright as the North Star.


Here are my own Vision and Mission statements
To contribute to a world in which ordinary people can reap extraordinary rewards when they live and work from a place of purpose, self-awareness and intention.
Mission: To help entrepreneurial spirits build a successful and sustainable business around their unique gifts, design a life they love, and work less to earn more.

Ultimately, knowing and believing in your own Vision and Mission gives you a clear purpose and direction. You focus on what you want and where you want to go, rather than on what everyone else is doing.

In the words of writer Jamie Varon, “Be so fiercely committed to the things you care about and the vision of the life you want that you don’t have the time, energy or need to compare yourself to other people.”

The answers are inside you. It’s time to listen to them, and turn those dreams into reality.

Because girls with dreams become women with vision.


About the author:
Imogen Roy is a Brand & Marketing Strategist for SMEs and startups.
She’s a tri-lingual Scot who has worked in London and Paris for brands including KENZO, Eurostar, Rough Guides & Insight Guides.

As a child, she dreamed of being a novelist. But the Internet Age had other plans for her. Instead, she grew up tinkering with new digital tools: coding her first (bright pink) website at 14, making friends around the world on MySpace and taking up fashion blogging, which led to her reporting from the back row at fashion weeks in London and Paris throughout her early ‘20s.

Incurably curious by nature, since then she has done stints as a photographer, fashion journalist, press officer, fashion show producer, social media manager and as the co-founder of a media services company, but the thread has always been in creating connections with customers through emotionally engaging, strategic storytelling.