(c) Xavier Rossi/GAMMA-RAPHO

(c) Xavier Rossi/GAMMA-RAPHO

We are honored to be here in partnership with UNESCO on this 7th annual World Radio Day. This year’s theme is Radio and Sports. Under the sub-theme of Gender Equality in Sports Broadcasting, Inside/Out joins radio stations and related organizations around the world to celebrate and contribute to this democratic debate.

Gender ratios in sports remain highly unequal around the globe. Currently, women represent only 7% of sportspeople seen, heard or read about in the media. And only 4% of sports coverage focuses primarily on women.  

In an effort to recognize these challenges, while simultaneously encouraging constructive conversation, we have invited Laetitia Bernard to join us. Laetitia Bernard hosts Sports News on Radio France and is a blind horseback rider with six French champion titles in handisport show jumping.

We hope you enjoy the following conversation about sports, gender stereotypes and – most importantly – promoting equal opportunities for women in sports, media and beyond.

(The podcast is only available in French).


Journalist: Jessica Boukris, Production: Nouvelles Écoutes, Music: Arianna Solare


On her passion for Show Jumping:

"I had an instructor whose passion for riding rubbed off on me (...). She told me: 'today I am going to teach you how to jump.' I didn't even know it was possible to jump with a horse. She taught me the posture, what I needed to feel; she had me work a lot on the feeling aspect and I loved it."

"The bond that is created with one's horse gives energy, inner strength (...) with feelings so intense that it becomes transcendental. It's pretty crazy what goes on when riding a horse. It gives a lot of confidence."

On the lack of media coverage that handicaped athletes are receiving:

"There was a huge spike in interest at the time of the Paralympic Games in London (...) due to the incredible audience on site (...), and now with the Olympics, the media attention is still there, but afterwards it will fade for the next four years." 

On the feminization of sports media being a catalyst to decreasing gender discrimination on a larger level:

"My women colleagues and I are more sensitive to women's sports and we spontaneously put women on the same level as men...we are more attentive."

On her values:

"What I would like to share is simply the joy of living and openness to others. This may seem a bit basic, but it's fundamental and allows us to move forward. To transmit curiosity and the desire to try."