Shaman Durek is a third generation shaman, spirit hacker, women’s empowerment leader and the creator of the podcast series Ancient Wisdom Today. His client roster includes a bevy of of A-list celebs (we're not naming names, but Google will), however you don't have to be famous to benefit from his insights on how ancient wisdom can be applied to our hectic modern lives. 

Shaman Durek photographed by Nick Hopper

Shaman Durek photographed by Nick Hopper

We are grateful to share his thoughts on this week's solstice and how to move into the season ahead through ritual, awareness and overall high vibes.  


The summer solstice is a festival of light, an energy resurgence of the self and a stepping into a greater awareness of one’s power in community and service. Shamanically it is an awakening of deeper purpose of your relationship to all things. It is a time of commitment to your radiant self through ways of nurturing yourself with food that supports the elements in a deep awareness of wellbeing. It’s a time of great fortitude over the resistance of self and stubbornness of allowing and being in sacred communion with nature and spirit.

To empower yourself - and others - time of the year, surround yourself with yellow candles in a circle while you sit in the middle in a calm meditative state. From there, call upon the great fire of your being to reveal to you where your energy and power should be at in your life. After you get the answers, sit outside and breath in the air while drinking Angelica root, chamomile and Saint John’s Wort. 

This season represents the time of community and the nature spirits communion with humans. Right now the energy in nature communicates the strongest with the elements that make up your human body which gives your body a high vibration of energy that moves into all four levels of your being: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

The best stones to carry during this time are citrine (for warmth and joy), garnet (for passion and energy), carnelian (to take the energy of the sun into your body), and tiger’s eye (to bring strength and motivation). Having these stones with you and charging them in the sun will bring great power during the summer solstice as well as throughout the summer months. They can subsequently be used throughout the year in times when you are in need of their particular attributes.

Another powerful thing to do at this time of year is to perform the following sun ritual:

  • Draw a circle, then a dot in the center to represent the sun.
  • Put four candles in each direction of the circle.
  • Face South.
  • Behind you, towards the North, place everything from which you are walking away. These can be written down or be represented by objects.
  • In front of you, towards the South, place everything that is joining with you in power
  • In the West, to your right, place everything that is healing to you and supports you in your power.
  • To the left of you, in the East, place everything you want to learn and manifest in your life.
  • Once all the items are in place you are going to light the candles in the order of North, South, West, then East.
  • After they are lit say these words: 'Power of the sun we now are one, shine forth all that is to come, release all that is done, now bring in the fun, for everyone.'

It is particularly nice to have a gathering with friends, music, dancing, and a wonderful healthy feast to close out the ritual. Adding a bonfire, or fire pit if you can brings in great powerful energies to the closing of this ritual.

Finally, to set the power in your home, put a candle in every room with fresh yellow flowers. This helps to honor the solstice. This will also bring great power for the rest of the year and throughout your life. You will feel a new sense of energy of purpose and desire to face everything in your life head on.

Shaman Durek photographed by Amir Magal

Shaman Durek photographed by Amir Magal


Alison Beckner by Corinne Stoll

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