The End of Suffering by Jordan Daly


I had a past life reading over the summer, and the woman said she saw five of my past lives, and I was murdered in every single one of them. She saw me nailed to a cross, she saw me in Pagan times stabbed in the heart... According to her, this was revealing that in each lifetime, I was leading the charge to communicate that God/Divine/Spirit lives within us. Not outside of as a “man in the sky” to be feared.


Apparently, no one was ready to hear this and thought I was a lunatic. So, in her words, my experience of following my Truth had consistently resulted in being an outcast, in suffering, feeling isolated and ultimately in death.


I used to make a lot of money. I mean I think it was quite a lot of money. It definitely felt like it as a single 27 year old in New York City and only responsible for myself. And gradually, I started to feel guilty. Guilty for making those amounts of money while putting in about 30% effort. And with soaring results.

I think this is when I began to self sabotage. Like I wanted to be fired so I didn’t have to try and justify to myself and how I could deserve earning these paychecks. And I did get fired.

A friendship with a foreign correspondent who covered the Middle East, led me to a k-hole, thesis-level dive into the world of Extremism, and countless months of creating a summit to combat radicalization.

A trip to Nicaragua opened my eyes to poverty, and to the fact that I could apply my brand building skill set to creating economic viability aka saving people. A number of years working on projects in crisis zones followed. I would spend the money I was earning and go to places like the Philippines or Haiti for a month at a time and work on the ground.

It was my own little version of a God Complex, fulfilling the yearning I had to to do penance for being handed a beautiful magnificent life.

Unattaching from these things that I was latching onto for identity and life support. This big tech “platform” feeding my ego, and a distraction from the actual work I wanted to do;  the relationship a buffer and codependent holding pattern that allowed me to avoid addressing the former.

And I could not let go, so Spirit did it for me.  

And for whatever reason, as I looked around at the bunk bed I was sleeping in, the money I was choosing not to earn, the man I was not opening my heart to, it became crystal clear. I was choosing to suffer. Constantly.

A beautiful, whole, woke MAN showed up at the same time as a Facebook post that took me to Greece to work on a development project with refugees. Not like the white houses and painted blue roofs Greece. Rather, to Northern Greece near the Macedonian border.  

While there, I met some really incredible people. Three days in, I sat around a dinner table with 3 Syrians, 2 Israelis, 2 Portuguese, 3 Dutch, 2 Pakistanis and 1 Spaniard. It was beautiful.

It also It became so clear to me that this - the “I have given up everything to be here and help people who have nothing” - had become the identity for a lot of the aid workers. A classic perpetuation of Victim/Perpetrator consciousness.

And for whatever reason, as I looked around at the bunk bed I was sleeping in, at the money I was choosing not to earn, the man I was not opening my heart to, it became crystal clear: I was choosing to suffer. Constantly.

Suffering is thinking that you should be somewhere other than where you are. In a different life, making more money, in a different job…developing the inability to be where you are, fearful that it is not enough.

Do you know what happens when your bank account hits zero dollars? Nothing. Nothing happens.

Because it is all a story. Make a great decision, the best thing that happens is a story. Make a bad decision, the worst thing that happens is a story.

The moment you begin to go into the story of where you think you should be, stop. Get still. Look around the room you are in and name everything around you - the coffee mug is yellow, my notebook is open, the leaves outside are red, I am writing an email…. Because this is what is ACTUALLY happening. You are a person, sitting in a chair. Drop the story.  

We are here to enjoy and receive all of the beauty and goodness which surrounds us.  It is ok to earn, live in a gorgeous home, nestle down with a partner, have a baby and shop at Zara. We can only step into our greatest offering of service when we have fully embodied the light and aligned with our highest good. And that is only love, beauty, grace, compassion and magnificence because the heart does not know anything else.

The remedy to remove suffering from your life: Choose not to.  


About Jordan: From startups to Fortune 500 companies, she has sat across communications, marketing, business development, market entry and strategy at different points.  Albeit at the inception, being brought on by an Investment Group to build a brand from scratch, or for a public company at the multi-million dollar mark. She began down her path of discovering humanity after a trip to Nicaragua, and created a fund which partnered with NGOs in third world countries, to focus on Economic & Community Development projects. While working on these projects, She went through Yoga Teacher Training and continue to study, and teach at various studios in New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver. Today, she works with founders, executives and women within the corporate landscape, as a facilitator, advisor and counsel for growth.