Agathe practices yoga and meditation, and races. She has strong opinions and defends them with conviction and passion. Though we can detect a fragile sensibility and humane nature.


Vêtements: Adidas. All Images by Corinne Stoll.

Jack-of-all-trades, she is a DJ, model, the Pigalle Adidas Boot running club captain and editor of the fanzine Peach, run 100% by women.


Inside/Out: What was your first sport?
Agathe: Gymnastics, as soon as I could walk and all the way until I was 7 or 8 years old. I can remember vertical crunches using the wall bars and the joy of completing a movement on the balance beam.

I/O: And the first you truly connected to? 
A: Racing. I have always ran, most likely because it keeps me mentally balanced and also it is a sport where you can see great physical progression.   

I/O: An emblematic sports figure?
 Marie-Jo Perrec, she is sublime. We use to watch her on television when I was younger.

I/O: An important memory relating to exercise?
 The 1998 World Cup. 

I/O: Does leaving your comfort zone during your physical trainings award you with the mental strength to deal with day-to-day challenges?
A: I think if you are able to go outside your comfort zone while playing sports this is a character trait. I am the type of person that never surrenders and will push to the maximum. Sports are a great catalyst.



I/O: How do you find your work life balance and personal fulfillment?
A: I usually run in the morning on an empty stomach, this starts my day and frees my mind. I bike to all my different appointments and when I feel the need, I meditate. I am also starting to learn to skate.  

I/O: A mantra?
A: I have two: Live fast, die old. And Let love in, let fear go (borrowed from my friend Isabelle Rivoire-Grange).

I/O: How would you describe the Parisian relationship to exercise or well-being?
A: It is a necessary relationship. Exercise is slotted in the Parisian’s weekly planner just like a meeting or drink. I have the impression that Parisians like to go to the gym, to wear nice clothes and be with their girlfriends.

I/O: Has the attitude towards exercise changed in Paris over the last few years?
A: I believe so. Exercise has become trendy and the options available have multiplied. The California health trend, yoga and all its derivatives have brought the notion of well being to a culture of habitual smokers and drinkers. Now we do both.  

I/O: And sportswear’s relationship with fashion?
 I do not think it has anything to do with the rise in popularity of exercise, but rather with fashion’s classic cycle of what is on the streets finds its way to the catwalk. This is understood by brands like Adidas!


I/O: The exercise French Touch, what is it?
A: To exercise, unwind and then have drinks.  

I/O: Your favorite sports or athleisure brands?
A: Adidas. I also tried Beyonce’s line, which is not bad.

I/O: A hairstyle fit for exercise? A must-have accessory?
A: A ponytail for those who have long hair, I am not sure if it is practical but it is sexy.

I/O: Dressed in black from head to toe or color?
A: I dress in black, grey or white to run, I don’t particularly want to be noticed when I am sweating. It is different when I go to the gym. I like wearing color, but not fluorescents or crazy prints.

I/O: Your rituals before and after exercise?
 Before, a glass of lemon water right after I get out of bed. After, a nice shower, a breakfast comprised of fruit, fresh squeezed grapefruit, porridge and a coffee with oat milk. Then I stretch as much as I can and focus on breathing.


I/O: Have you ever traveled for a sport or exercise?
A: I just completed the Marseille-Cassis race!

I/O: Does music play a roll in your choice of activity?
 Yes! In fact I have prepared a few playlists for the fall!


When women are away from men they feel freer in each other’s company, able to surmount challenges and to support one another.
— Agathe Rousselle


I/O: Are you sensitive to the idea of a new feminism? Do you feel that women support themselves more today and excel together?
A: Yes of course! When women are away from men they feel freer in each other’s company, able to surmount challenges and to support one another. This is why we built an exclusively women fanzine whose mission is to publish artists from all domains, Peach.

I/O: Do you exercise alone or in a group?
A: Both! I exercise alone daily, and as the leader of the Adidas Runners Pigalle group; I run with 40 to 70 people every Tuesday evening.



1 advice for obtaining the greatest benefit in ones training: Drink lots of water, eat in the most healthy way possible (no, meat is not necessary when we exercise!) and diversify your exercise, for instance run and practice yoga. To motivate myself, I prepare my gear the night before, when I wake up I don’t have to think, I just jump into my running shoes, a gulp of water and zoom!
1 coach: Laure Bouys who founded Yoga Connect.
1 website: Yoga Connect
1 restaurant address: La Guinguette D’Angèle
1 beverage: Kombucha
1 inspiration: Tilda Swinton
1 person we should interview: Caroline Wachsmuth (the designer of the organic cosmetic line: Doux Me).