Coline can't stand still and that's nothing new! She was only a child when she ran her first race and today, she travels around the globe work in luxury fashion. And when she does finally come back home to her apartment in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, she trades her work attire for some workout gear...and she's off. 

Bra: Old Navy. Top: GapFit. All Images by    Corinne Stoll   .

Bra: Old Navy. Top: GapFit. All Images by Corinne Stoll.

When she's not doing 15k in the streets of Paris, she bolts from meetings to vinyasa, cycling and personal training. Catch her if you can... 


Inside/Out: What's the first sport you've ever practiced?
Coline: I've always been a runner… I ran my first race in the US at 9 years old. I did 3 miles and I loved it! Then, I started training on a regular basis. I also practiced track and field, soccer, horseback riding and tennis. But running always was my thing.

I/O: And the first one that made you feel confident?
C: Definitely track and field. I've always seen my mom running, so I guess it's in my genes.

I/O: What sports heroes do you remember from childhood?
C: Michael Jordan. I moved to the US at the beginning of the 90s and discovered all those sports superstars. He was really embodying the American Dream and I found him fascinating and motivating.

Bra: Nike. Top: American Apparel. Jeans: Zara. 

I/O: Is there a sports moment that you particularly remember?
C: Soccer, track and field tournaments in Japan; they were highly competitive and at the same time this is where I discovered team spirit... I was in an all girls school and support was as strong as competition.  

I/O: Does challenging yourself physically take you out of your comfort zone in other areas of your life?
C: Absolutely, the more I challenge myself or push my limits in sport, the more I trust myself in everyday life. It's a way of accessing a sense of fulfillment.  Sports are also my meditation, it's one of the rare environments where I can reach optimal concentration and clear my mind.

I/O: How do you strive to find balance between different areas of your life?
C: My work/sports balance is good. Personal development has room for improvement, however. I am very down to earth and find comfort in sports and my professional life. But it can alarm or annoy my friends...which I understand.

I/O: Thoughts on sports and wellness in Paris today?
C: The Parisian woman just discovered sports, some are into it for the squad spirit that such activities bring, and then there are some women who are really into the performance side. More the "lone-wolf" types. It is all very new here. Parisians used to ignore sports and wellness completely. It was not part of their philosophy.

I/O: And the relationship to activewear?
C: There was none, now there is a certain form of interest related to the aesthetic aspect but there is no real consideration of quality. 

I/O: What would be the French touch in sports?
C: Fun and sexy.


Top: Ultracore.

I/O: What is your ideal performance garment or product?
C: Some leggings, a bra, a fitted tee-shirt - an outfit that makes me feel empowered and confident. I buy more performance pieces that regular clothes!

I/O: Your favorite athleisure ou sports brand? A store?
C: I've tried a lot of different brands, and even if it's nor original Nike remains my favorite of all. I also occasionally wear some Outdoor VoicesGapFit and a brand I just discovered called Ultracor. There are also a couple of cool and affordable things at Old Navy!

I/O: An essential accessory?
C: I am very Spartan with my hygiene so my only accessory would be my elastic hair scrunchy and maybe a little bit of Morrocan Oil in my hair to tame the frizz.

I/O: A hairstyle? 
C: A tight top bun.

I/O: Do you wear black head to toe or would you wear colorful outfits?
C: I definitely lean towards black, with a touch of color on my sneakers.

I/O: Pre or post sports rituals?
C: Again, I have very simple habits, I like having a coffee and a lot of water before training and that's it. A lit bit of stretching after, no more. Then, straight to the shower! If I had time, I would love to continue with a yoga class after running or cycling but unfortunately, I rarely do. 


Top: GapFit. Sports Bra: Old Navy. Legging and Running Shoes: Nike.

I/O: Have you ever traveled for wellness?
C: Yes, and I constantly look for travel that includes physical activities. My last trip was to Bali for a surf and yoga retreat, it was one of my best experiences.

I/O: What's the next destination on your list?
C: I would like to go back to a yoga/surf retreat in Costa Rica or in Sri Lanka. I would also love to do a horseback riding treck in South America. 

I/O: What role does music play an important role in the selection of your activities?
C: Oh, yes! I could not do without it! Especially for running.

Bra: GapFit.

I/O: What does female empowerment mean to you? Do you feel that women go further together?
C: There are many different things among women. There is support, mutual assistance. But there is also a lot of competition between women. I find it amazing to see all those crew of women doing sports together, motivating each other and having fun. It is very important to have that point of reference. It's healthy, human, motivating and rewarding. I am also a bit of a loner; I do like doing sports with friends but overall my workouts are more of a solitary practice. I think age has also something to do with this.... Urban sports communication often targets very young customers and I find it increasingly difficult to identify as I get older. But of course, the more you're surrounded with people doing sports, the more motivating it becomes.

I/O: Have you ever met friends through your sports activities?
C: A few acquaintances, but mostly coaches and teachers because they are the ones who really motivate me and push me. But no real friends. Maybe because I lack time...for all classes I am very straight to the point, I arrive right before class and I leave right after. 

I/O: Do you feel like you are part of a big sports community?
 C: I know many sports communities exist but I am not part of them. I share my passions with some friends, that's it. I do think, though, that it could have fun to be part of a sports community, motivated by real performance and not just the lifestyle aspect. I am very old school about this, I suppose.


Tee-shirt: Old Navy. Shorts: Nike.


1 tip to improve your performance: Don't think to much, it has to be part of your everyday life, like drinking, taking a shower...
1 coach: Gady, 1 Nike master trainer I met at a Nike Training Session for women, he trains me for my first marathon. Benoit Pernot, of of my yoga teachers, He is the reason why I do yoga! John and Clotilde at Dynamo Cycling: I grew a passion for cycling in NY and this Parisian studio allowed me to continue practicing this sport. Those two 2 coaches give everything they have during their classes. It is very motivating. 
1 playlist / 1 power song: I have a bit of everything on Spotify. Old school and new school hip-hop, cheesy pop. I change quite often but don't have rules as long as the beat works.
1 appli: Nike+ Running
1 site: Jock
1 food address: Wild and the Moon, the choice for high-quality veggie or vegan food in Paris is still terribly poor.
1 drink: Water, Mezcal, coconut water .
1 person we should interview:  Stephanie Tran from Jock in NY, Candice Fraggis in London, Reina in Tokyo.