Lauren Bastide worked at Elle and Daily Elle for 10 years, analyzing female-focused trends and societal phenomena. After a year at Le Grand Journal, she decided to back to school and immersed herself in gender studies at  Paris VIII while simultaneously launching La Poudre, a podcast series entirely dedicated to women.


Hat: Kenzo. Sweater: Acne. All Images by Corinne Stoll.  

To clear her mind, she swims, practices asanas and meditation. Read on and take note, as Laurent is one inspiring and down-to-earth #girlboss to follow closely from near and afar.


Inside/Out: What was the 1st sport you played?
Lauren Bastide: Rhythmic gymnastics, as a kid. I remember my hair being in a tight bun for the end-of-year show.

I/O: And the first sport that felt right to you?
Synchronised swimming, when I was about 10 years old. I was obsessed with Murielle Hermine and her show, Sirella. It lasted 4 years.

I/O: The athlete you look up to most?
Serena Williams, because she’s fierce, has endurance and mental strength. She’s a legend.

I/O: A sports-related memory that shaped you?
L: The shot-put exam at the end of high-school. I threw a measly 20cm!

I/O: Does getting out of your comfort zone when exercising give you more strength to face daily life and its challenges?
L: It does, especially with yoga. When I hold an upside-down posture for five minutes, I feel like Wonder Woman for the rest of that day!

I/O: How do you balance your personal life and professional endeavors?
By making priorities and planning moments with care. I make room ahead of time for my work, family life, and my well-being.

I/O: Do you have a mantra?
L: Om mani peme houng*, a Buddhist mantra I was taught by Ladakh monks. It sounds like a joke, but it isn’t! (Editor’s Note: this roughly translates as transforming one’s impure body, mind and words into a Buddha-like purity.)


Legging: American Apparel (vintage). Top: Nike. 

I/O: How would you define the Parisienne’s relation to sports and well-being these days?
It’s an on and off relationship, a kind of love/hate thing with fads and trends; but at the end of the day, she has a fairly healthy lifestyle: good food, and lots of walking, which explains those thin, toned legs!

I/O: How about her relationship with sportswear?
I’ve never bought any sportswear, I simply recycle my softest tees and old shorts.

I/O: What’s the French Touch version of sports?
Never buying sportswear and recycling old tee-shirts!

I/O: Do you believe in a new feminism? Do you think girls support each other more than they used to, in sports and performance?
There is definitely a lot to do in promoting women’s sports, and physical exercise is an excellent way for women to reinforce themselves and get rid of prejudice. Any space where women can talk freely is worth defending, hence the creation of La Poudre: it’s a platform dedicated to women, so they can exchange and express themselv

I/O: Do you train alone or with other people?
I do it mostly by myself. When I swim, I cut everyone and everything else out, even though I’m considering buying a waterproof mp3 player.

I/O: All black or rainbow bright?
Colors, definitely!

I/O: Do you have any rituals before and after training?
L: Green tea and a long chat about love and life with my yoga classmates!


Sweatshirt: OFF/WHITE. Calendar: Hermès. Notebook: Moleskine. 


1 wellness tip, or a product you can’t go without: walking to the place you exercise, even if it’s on the other side of town. It’s a mental and physical warm-up.
1 coach:  Nathalie Broizat, my Iyengar yoga teacher. She’s an inspiring, talented woman.
1 power song: "Work Out Plan" by Kanye West is unbeatable!
1 app: HeadSpace, for meditation.
1 website: the Nouvelles Écoutes website, where I find podcasts to listen to while exercising.
1 food spot: KB’s fresh juices, avenue Trudaine in the 9th!
1 drink: green rooibos tea.
1 sportswear brand: I'll admit to liking Lululemon's yoga clothing line.
1 workout hairstyle: It used to be the bun, of course, but since I got a haircut, I have nothing to do!
1 source of inspiration: Elizabeth Gilbert’s yoga retreat in Eat, Pray, Love.
1 person we should interview: Serena Williams! I volunteer to conduct the interview!

Thanks to Elodie Garamond and Carole Rifelli at Tigre Rive Gauche.