Audrey Michaud Missègue was born in the countryside of Pessac-Leognan in 1990. She grew up in Bordeaux and has lived in Paris since 2008. With a passion for sports, coffee and leggings, she began her career in fashion as a stylist, and today manages the digital and influencer communication division for the Estée Lauder brands.

Audrey Michaud Missegue

An interview with a woman who can count 15 years of classical dance training, 10 years of horseback riding, 5 years of running and over 600 cycling sessions (and counting), to talk about #FitInfluence, her understanding of the beauty industry, and what makes something Instagram attractive.



Inside/Out: Hi Audrey, can you tell us about your work?
Audrey Michaud Missègue:
My first responsibility is to render the brands I manage desirable digitally, more precisely to connect these brands to the world of influencers so that in return they are highlighted on social media. All aspects must be underlined to create an affect between the influencers, our product, our brands. The second aspect of my position is to manage the communication and voice of our brands on their own social media channels, choose the content, the right wording, the right moment and so on.

I/O: What defines an influencer today?
I start from the belief that we are all influencers, we all inspire someone, and the key to influence is inspiration. You have to then understand how to manage your own image in order to best inspire others.

I/O: How do you identify emerging talent?
AMM: In this case talent is the combination of creativity and aesthetic sensibility, as well as, the capacity to transcribe this talent digitally, in general, create a proper community, regardless of its size.

I/O: How has the “fit” scene, in terms of its influence, evolved over the last few years in Paris?
AMM: We can see more and more sport influencers on Instagram who promote well-being and not diet. To be in good health, have self-confidence, etc. The fit influencers are the new fashion bloggers, it is a healthy trend, and rather positive.

Audrey Michaud Missègue
Audrey Michaud Missègue

I/O: How do you reassure a profitable exchange for your brands, and influencers when it comes to collaborations?
AMM: Brands are now realizing and coming to terms with their one shot collaborations with the best influencers. The positive affects are short term and at times even go unnoticed. Working short term is not greatly beneficial, it lacks authenticity and the community is not ignorant. Most of the time it notices. You have to build a real relationship before wanting to put in a place a contractual agreement between a product and influencer. What is beautiful about influence is its ability to create a real story between a personality and a brand, have it align to the brands story, to the products.

I/O: What are the typical fit influencer profiles that most interest you?
AMM: I will cite Hannah Bronfman, the perfect balance between real life and a dream life, she is not perfect but perfect in her genre. Her Instagram account is a mix of sport, beauty and well-being. She is able to reflect love and humor. She created HBFIT (health, beauty, fitness): a media that mixes beauty, fitness and well-being, with a high fashion identity. The images are beautiful, aesthetically very American, but the message is clear: love yourself as you are and for what you do, do not over think. A vision of surpassing oneself version 2017.

I/O: How do you create a community today?
AMM: The same way influencers foster interest, a brand must reveal its behind the scenes, but in a polished manner and with a pronounced sense of aesthetic. It must also partake in real women's issues and evoke emotion, both digitally and in-store, being engaging and amusing.

I/O: How have sports influenced the world of beauty?
AMM: Sports have influenced the world of beauty because they refer to the notion of well-being. The biggest beauty trend of today is to feel good about oneself. Not to transform yourself, but to love yourself as you are physically and mentally. And sports are the perfect expression of this idea as they allow you to feel good, connecting you to sensation and the spiritual. I am thinking for instance of the Chakras products by Aveda, adopted from Ayurveda, who balance the body and who adopt this notion, or of all the products oriented workout.

I/O: What are the latest athleisure beauty trends?
AMM: Well, in general this is already a well-established trend in Los Angeles and NYC, we can feel its demand is exploding in the bigger cities in France. I believe the offer will evolve at the same time that the sports we now practice do. Studios and gyms have to be fun, playful, experience driven and adept for Instagram. We expect a coach to be inspiring and are drawn to better service, with beauty products available in the dressing rooms. All of this should have a relatively quick influence on product development, as much as in terms of packaging, as in distribution or obviously inspiration, but also in the way it is marketed.

I/O: How do you organize your work, personal and emotional life?
AMM: I find this demands a lot of organization, and I don't even have children. I can't imagine how I will manage later! Exercise is a part of my daily life, as important as my professional meetings. I never cancel a sports session for a drink or dinner. The person with who I share my life, values exercise just as much, so it is a central part of our way of life.

I/O: What are your cornerstones for a balanced life?
AMM: Sleep – work – exercise – red wine – love – friends.

I/O: Do you have women role models? Mentors?
I do not have a particular mentor, all women who surround me inspire me, those I know well and those I know less.  

I/O: How important is exercise in your life? 
AMM: I practiced classical dance for 15 years, did 10 years of horse riding and I have been running for the last five years. In the last two years I have completed 650 Dynamo sessions. It has become a drug, it is daily.

I/O: What is the significance of the post workout selfie?
I think it is a sign of pride and accomplishment. It has become beautiful and sexy a woman who sweats.

I/O: Are you confronting any challenges at the moment and if yes, have you found tools to help support you?
At the moment I am trying to vary my forms of exercise, and to do a bit less. Strangely, my present challenge is to ease off.

I/O: A mantra?
Currently I am trying to find balance in my life so I would say: “Everything is a question of balance”.

I/O: Do you have a beauty routine before exercise?
Choosing leggings in which I feel good, by preference low waisted, a sports bra and pulling my hair up into a high ponytail. If my stomach is cramping, I put on the most oversized t-shirt I have. I do not eat three hours before and I drink a lot during exercise.

I/O: And after?
Cold shower, hydrating body lotion (Stress Fix by Aveda), hydrating spray for my curls (Primer Curl by Bumble and Bumble), face serum (Advanced Night Repair by Estée Lauder or Hydraskin by Darphin), cream (Moisture Surge by Clinique) and lipstick (Lip Color Matte by Tom Ford).

I/O: A lifestyle ritual you suggest?
Every morning I wake up an hour and a half before needing to leave, I have a coffee with two squares of chocolate, alone, and I plan my day.

I/O: Projects for this year?
My boyfriend is opening his sports concept this September in the Marais. I cannot tell you more right now but I promise you, you will not be disappointed.


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