Claire Nouy, the cofounder of Atelier Nubio, a Parisian brand specialized in plant-based micro-nutrition. She is fulfilling her role as an entrepreneur and sees well-being as a holistic approach, inside and out.

The stylish and tasty juice selection is designed to enhance concentration, vitality and immunity. Taking ingestibles to the next level, the brand now offers On veut a range of supplements that promise a perfect complexion, healthy tresses and a flat tummy.


Read on for Claire’s thoughts on the future of micro nutrition, her vision of empowerment and her morning rituals.


INSIDE/OUT: Tell us about your journey.
CLAIRE NOUY: I am the cofounder of Atelier Nubio. I am married to Edouard, an entrepreneur and the mother of Mia, our 2 and a half year old daughter. I am based in Paris, between the 9th where I live and my workshop in the 11th, at métro Charonne. After business school and some unpleasant professional experiences, I discovered entrepreneurship and now have the feeling that I have found my way.

Tell us about Atelier Nubio.
Atelier Nubio is the Parisian brand expert in plant micro-nutrition. Since the birth of Atelier Nubio in 2014, our ambition has been to offer a beauty prescription inside and out. We started by formulating cosmetic juices with verified claims on beauty and vitality. This positioning was very avant-garde in 2014 (editor’s note: for France). We remained committed because our conviction is so strong.

What are your brand’s iconic products and what’s new?
The barriers between beauty, food and supplements are finally disappearing. From our 5 years of experience in plant-based micro-nutrition, we have developed On Veut, a range of essential herbal supplements created as a true antidote to this stressed out and polluted modern life. On Veut is the result of several years of Research and Development.

Recently, we launched the program Inside & Out Beauty, a limited edition in collaboration with Seasonly, a personalized natural care brand. The program is free to follow and combines juices, shots and Seasonly summer care.

Tell us about Nubio’s production? How do you source the ingredients?
Each juice and each supplement is formulated for its benefits in regard to beauty, vitality and mood. It is a know-how that we have developed since the first day - my associate Gabrielle is an agronomist and has developed tools to guarantee the verified benefits of the products - each formulation is validated by micro-nutritional analysis over time, so we can guarantee that the claims we make last until the expiration date on each bottle. Our juices are ultra-fresh and cold-pressed on demand in our workshop. These are raw juices, certified organic, without any compromise on quality or freshness. The vegetables we used are seasonal, local and direct from the supplier.

We decided to be great instead of big.

What are your core values?
Authenticity. We are very connected to the products we make and the way of life we advocate. We decided to be great instead of big. Opportunism was not an option.

What is your mission? How has it evolved since you first began?
My mission is to awaken and accompany people through a process of natural beauty inside and out. There is so much money dedicated to cosmetic care (I am fascinated by the price of some miracle creams) than to food and it should be the opposite. Some creams are very useful - and also pleasant - but beauty begins with the inside, nourishing one’s body and spirit.

My mission is also to co-direct Atelier Nubio, growing consciously and virtuously, creating jobs and products with a positive impact on the customer, the communities, the environment.

What about your academic background?
I have a BA in science, followed by a year of prep school (editor’s note: post college graduate year in France) then business school. The most beautiful professional and personal training I have ever had, though, is entrepreneurship, aka learning the hard way! Being a mom has taught me a lot as well. How to disconnect, to let go and about patience.

We feed ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally - so yes, nutrition is a holistic science.
The cofounders of Atelier Nubio: Gabrielle on the left and Claire on the right

The cofounders of Atelier Nubio: Gabrielle on the left and Claire on the right

Nutrition derives a lot from the mental and the emotional, with products that promote, for example, concentration, vitality or relax, in addition to their nutritional properties. How to build bridges between nutrition and the mind?
We feed ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally - so yes, nutrition is a holistic science. The most immediate bridge is during the juice cleanse. We feel hunger and we tame it. This is a healthy sensation that we should feel before each meal.

As a young niche brand, what does your communications strategy consist of?
Being fresh and authentic, engaging the community with quality content and speaking to the right people. All possible through social networks.

What is the look of your products that your customers value the most?
The authenticity, the sincerity of the approach, the precision of the formulation and the sourcing, and the excellence of the customer experience. We give a substantial place to the customer and to feedbacks.

We know that Nubio offers clients a very personalized accompaniment when they sign up for  a cleanse. Tell us a bit about that.
We sell our cleanses almost exclusively directly to the consumer (meaning through our website and our concept store) despite the fact that we do have showcases at places like Hôtel Lutetia, the Plaza Athénée, Le Bon Marché and Galeries Lafayette. This means that we know our customers very well. We put all of our energy into providing a perfect experience. And into creating products in line with their needs.

All clients are accompanied during their treatments (before and after, too). We call them at the time of the first order to learn about their goals. At our concept store, Marion, who is a naturopath (and our shop manager), offers free consultations to provide a comprehensive and personalized beauty prescription.

What can Nubio help with some of the chronic problems that so many of us experience these days in this hectic and demanding world?
Atelier Nubio promotes a lifestyle respectful to oneself, others, communities and the environment. We never blame customers for their behaviors or habits - our mission is to accompany them in a natural and sustainable way.

Major trends have already begun: fewer barriers between cosmetics, dietary supplements and food; the management of beauty issues in a more holistic way and more and more natural products.

How do you see the beauty and health sectors evolving in the coming years?
Major trends have already begun: fewer barriers between cosmetics, dietary supplements and food; the management of beauty issues in a more holistic way; and more and more natural products.

Who cares for you? What makes you stronger?
My mom, my husband, my friends. I am the kind of mother who allows herself a bit of time to relax. Like a small, solo yoga retreat. Such a pleasure (a somewhat guilty one, I admit) but essential! My best memory: a retreat in Ibiza in 2017, my daughter was 6 months old and I felt really bad leaving her. I had a wonderful time and made very strong friendships. I also wrote my book afterwards.

What are your thoughts on women's empowerment? Does this translate into your work?
The talks that I organize in the store are about female empowerment, the topics are varied (entrepreneurship, sex, fertility ...) and we laugh a lot - even about the serious subjects. I am very informed about feminism. I have always been quite independent and have been able to say no when needed, and I have always fled when I felt the slightest doubt about something. This is not the case for all women.

What professional challenges have you faced as women?
Investors are (very) often older men, alpha males who have a sense of camaraderie with boys but who judge women.

The ultimate self care for you?
Prioritizing sleep.

You wrote a book on the subject of morning routines, tell us about your rituals.
I like to follow short wellness rituals in the morning like stretches, visualization, Ayurvedic practices and a nutritionally dense mini breakfast. I take pleasure in these small routines that I shared in my book.

What role does travel play in your life?
Travel is a great source of inspiration. I traveled far before the birth of Mia but realized I could find the same sensations and energies in shorter stays and European. I love cities like Berlin, Madrid, Stockholm, Copenhagen and wild countrysides like the far west of Brittany!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
The vision of Atelier Nubio is very clear and I am very happy because the inside & out beauty was ours since day one. It is finally wide-reaching and no longer reserved for a niche of experts! We are going to develop the range of natural nutritional supplements, the combinations of supplements plus juices, as well as personalized skin consultations. We are determined to continue growing the brand while maintaining our authenticity. We will also open holistic centers that will combine consultations, beauty and elixirs.

Finally, where can our community find you?
On our website and at the Atelier Nubio store, 4 rue Paul Bert in the 11th arrondissement. We hold monthly talks with extraordinary women who awaken our consciences and our bodies. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our news and the events we organize.