Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse, co-founders of CAP Beauty, an all-natural beauty store and spa in the West Village of Manhattan, focus on the idea that Beauty is Wellness and Wellness is Beauty and believe that to achieve true radiance and luminosity, both are necessary.

All Photos: John von Pamer

All Photos: John von Pamer

This leads them to dive deep into the world of ingestibles, superfoods, topicals and rituals in our day to day lives and share those with their growing CAP family...And us!


Inside/Out: What would you like to share from your past in regards to beauty, being a woman, your profession, your brand, your relationship? 
Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima Morisse: 
We met while working at Martha Stewart almost 20 years ago and were friends that bonded over health and wellness and the pursuit of a beautiful life. After leaving Martha Stewart, Kerrilynn opened a clothing and accessories store in the space that CAP is in now. She's always loved fashion but her interests turned to healing when she found out she had Celiac. This led her to dive deep into the world of health and wellness. She began by analyzing the foods she was eating and then looked deeper into all of her practices. Cindy comes from the world of prop styling and has always had an interest in wellness and health. Since styling doesn't always lead to the healthiest life (long hours, unpredictable schedules, etc) she became focused on how to incorporate more wellness into her day to day life. With Kerrilynn, we partnered up to create a modern, beautiful and inclusive space to introduce people to the power of this lifestyle.  

I/O: What are you working on now or dreaming of doing in the future? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: 
What are we not working on now?!? Honestly, we have so many exciting things happening that it can be a little overwhelming. But in the best way possible. Thankfully we have a very full wellness toolkit as well as a rolodex filled with the best of the best to help us through this exciting and abundant time.  

I/O: What are your thoughts on feminism and female empowerment? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Women are amazing. And so are men. We like to imagine all of us, men and women, working together to make this beautiful planet we call home the best it can possibly be. That being said, there is a special kind of magic that happens when women come together. We are powerful on our own and we are unstoppable when united. 




I/O: How do you strive to obtain professional, emotional, mental and physical harmony in your life? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Consistency is our constant North Star. For any type of improvement or shift to happen, it's what you do every day that matters more than what you do once in awhile. We constantly try to check off a box in each of these categories on the daily. When we do, the results and clarity are profound. It's one of the reasons why we love Kundalini so much, even a 3 minute kriya has the ability to deeply shift your state. 

I/O: What experts do you admire? Who are your teachers? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: This list is long. We are truly blessed to have access to so many healers. They have dedicated their life to sharing their knowledge with as many as they can:

  • Gil Jacobs: a master colon hydrotherapist. That description doesn't do him justice, though. He helps you clean out your insides to set the stage for true transformation. Mind, body and spirit. 
  • Dana James: a beyond brilliant nutritionist that helps women (and men) get deep into the psychology of eating to help you reveal your lightest, most beautiful self. 
  • Daniela Turley: a master herbalist that radiates knowledge. We don't know anyone with as much information about plants as Daniela. And she loves sharing. 
  • Kumi Sawyers: yoga teacher and massage therapist. With a profound understanding of the body, Kumi goes deep and her touch is magnificent. 
  • Krissy Jones & Chloe Kernaghan: our yoga teachers at Sky Ting. Bringing a sense of humor and modern take on the practice of yoga, were always amazed how we feel after their classes. 
  • Lacy Phillips: manifestation guide. She helps us bring our dreams to life. 
  • Bob Roth: Executive Director at The David Lynch Foundation. Bob is our Transcendental Meditation teacher and one of the kindest people ever. 
  • Jen Gonzalez: another colon hydrotherapist. Love her, and she will make you laugh like no one else all while giving you a colonic. 

I/O: What does your community look like? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: It is so full of life. And care and a deep desire to share. Everyone that we have met in this world has opened themselves up to us. We feel truly blessed to be a part of a movement that is all about making people feel as good as they possibly can. 

I/O: Who or what helped you get where you are today? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Determination, focus and family (this of course includes our CAP Beauty family!) have helped us both. Without these three things we don't know if we'd be this far on the journey. 

I/O: What challenges have you faced and what obstacles might you be experiencing at the moment ? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Cash flow is always a thing. Recognizing that money is energy has been an important teaching for us. And one that we respect immensely and try to understand constantly.

I/O: Do you have a mantra? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Kerrilynn loves "Progress not perfection" and Cindy loves "The Universe gives you what you have the courage to ask for."

I/O: What does your community consist of? Do you feel part of a tribe? Or more of a leader? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: We are definitely a part of the tribe. We hesitate to say we are leaders, as we consider everyone a leader in their own way.  




I/O: We know that both through your work and on a personal level you are a caregiver to so many people – providing support, love, patience, generosity and, of course all of the wonderful offerings via CAP Beauty – in your life. So tell us, who takes care of you? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Kerrilynn's husband is a massive source of support and love and also challenges her on the daily all while cracking her up. Cindy's husband is the same and her kids are definitely there to take care of her and teach her valuable lessons. 

I/O: Three words to describe what you do and/or are and/or stand for? (For ex. ours are Creativity, Movement and Community.) 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Modern, Inspiring and Inclusive. 

I/O: Tell us about your rituals? How important are these to you? Are they daily? Seasonal? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: 
Rituals are such a fundamental part of what we do. They enter our life at every moment. From the foods we eat to the exercises we practice to the meditation we love, rituals are a cornerstone of our day. 

I/O: Do you ever "fall off the wellness wagon"? If so, what does this mean to you? If not, how do you avoid temptation?
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Of course. But now we know how to get back on the wagon. Green juice, exercise, meditation and a good laugh can pretty much cure anything. The practices that we have are so oriented around wellness that we don't typically fall too far. Although, God knows, we have in the past!

I/O: What websites, books, podcasts or other tools would you recommend to our community? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: We love Rich Roll's podcast, SriMati's podcast, our friend Daphne Javitch from Doing Well's instagram feed. Also, Natalia Rose has been an important one in explaining cleansing and sharing her knowledge. Our recommendation is to find your people and surround yourselves with them. Then you always have someone who is helping you along on your journey. 

I/O: Can you share some tips or recipes with our community? Recommendations for people without the means or geographical access to prestigious materials and products? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Crowd out the things that don't make you feel good. Approach this lifestyle by embracing how good you are going to feel and never focus on what you are giving up. Focus on what you are adding. If you're interested in recipes, there are some great ones on our blog, The Thinking CAP. And our cookbook will be out next year!




I/O: What role does travel play in your life? Where do you plan to go in 2017?
K. P. & C. DP. M.: We wish we could say that we travelled more but our busy schedules right now don't really allow for it. But we will be spending more time in LA with our store opening and we dream of taking a yoga retreat with our friends at Yoga For Bad People or Sky Ting

I/O: What role does music play in your life? Do you have a playlist to share? Or a "power" song? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Music is hugely important to us. Kerrilynn's husband is a master at the playlist, he curates all the music for CAP, so we have his music on all the time. Lately Kerrilynn has been listening to TONS of mantras on repeat. For productivity and prosperity.  

I/O: What makes you happy? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Our lives and what we've been allowed to create. 

I/O: What do you do when something makes you unhappy? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Sit with it. Figure out what part of you it is setting off and why. If it's obvious, just the process of sitting in it can be truly revelatory. 

I/O: What inspires you more than anything else? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: Mother Nature. What a show she puts on every day. If we could all be that creative and inspired the world would be a better place.

I/O: A desire, a wish, an intention or manifestation? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: To share CAP Beauty with as many people as we can. And to be as kind and true to our vision along the way as possible. 

I/O: Where can our community find you? 
K. P. & C. DP. M.: 238 West 10 Street in the West Village. And at the Cynthia Rowley store in Montauk for the summer. At Fred Segal at 8500 Sunset Avenue in the fall. And at