Rebecca Gordon is a celebrated astrologer, author of Your Body and the Stars and a regular on the Dr. Oz Show where she discusses the intersection between health and astrology.


Rebecca grew up all over the world, has been "obsessed" with the stars for as long as she can remember, studied astronomy from age 5 and as a teen began to plan out-of-body experiences and levitating in her free time. 

She refers to herself as a "translator for the cosmic currents" and helps teach others how to explore and understand the "planetary weather" through My Path Astrology, her online school, now in it's 11th year. Read on to learn how to best prepare for new experiences and dance in alignment with planetary energy.


Inside/Out: How would you describe your genesis story?
Rebecca Gordon: I was born in NYC, though grew up living in so many different countries and continents from Africa to South America. My father is an anthropologist so travel was life. Overall, I became very comfortable with “change” and “new” and all sorts of languages and lifestyles. I had lots of freedom and was sent on all kinds of missions. I think this was the beginning of my entrepreneurial spirit

From a young age, I was obsessed with astronomy and the stars. By the time I was 14, we had moved to South Carolina after West Africa, and there I began to ask metaphysical questions and was looking for greater meaning in life. I knew the stars were important and that life had to be more than what I was seeing.

I/O: What was your introduction to astrology?
One night I was babysitting at a neighbor’s house and there was this shelf of beautiful old astrology books. I remembered my love for the stars and planets, though this was clearly different and like nothing I’d heard of. I immediately knew this was something important and it was a language I had to understand. But I also have a very critical mind, so wanted to make sure it was "real". When the mother of the children arrived back that night, I must have asked her 1,000 questions about this new astrology thing I discovered on her bookshelf. She took on the role of teacher and became my astrology mentor throughout the years of high school as we studied weekly with homework. The more I read, the more thirsty I became so eventually in my sophomore year of high school I did my first chart by hand under the guidance of my new neighborly mentor Marjean. After this, I began to set up charts for all of my family and classmates in school.

So essentially I was giving readings to everyone I could get my hands on throughout high school and college.

I/O: How did you transition from studying as a hobby to making a career out of it?
 Despite astrology books covering every surface in the house and the fact that I fell asleep with astrology books next to me for most of my formative years, I had no idea astrology would ever become a career.

I moved back to NYC for college and have been here since for the most part. After working in art and fashion, at the age of 24 I began to approach astrology much more seriously. At one conference, I remember being the youngest person in a group of probably 700 astrologers from all over the world. I wondered where the young people like myself were. From that time I recognized the need to "build bridges" in the community as there was a definite disconnect with younger generations.

At that conference, I met Susan Miller whom I began to study under and I also made a commitment to myself to pursue astrology, with the affirmations and strong encouragement of my elders there at the conference. It was definitely a life changing moment because up until that point, I had no idea this could even be a career. My world opened up and I then began to work with Susan and study with her weekly. We even happened to be neighbors.

It’s more of a conversation or perhaps I’m like a tour guide on the journey of their soul. Then we look into the cycles and the next year to come, what I like to call the “planetary weather”.
— Rebecca Gordon

I/O: Then what?
 My first goal was to open a school for astrology so that a new generation of people would have access to the information. In 2005 I founded “My Path Astrology School” as a brick and mortar entity. Teaching, in my opinion is the best way to thoroughly learn. So every week, I would spend hours preparing and researching the astrology to share with my new students. Today, the school exists online as well and I host workshops, retreats as well as speak at conferences globally. I am also a regular guest on the Dr. Oz show speaking about astrology and the correlations to health.

It’s important to me to state that my entire business development happened organically through simply pursuing what I loved and devoting all of my free time to it. Pure love all the way.

We have spent thousands of years in a patriarchy. Female empowerment is most definitely the future. And astrology shows the same...
— Rebecca Gordon

I/O: Tell us a bit about what you do and how you do it.
So much of what I do is reading individual birth charts where I take the client with me on a journey through their birth sky, exploring planetary placements and their meanings along the way. It’s more of a conversation or perhaps I’m like a tour guide on the journey of their soul. Then we look into the cycles and the next year to come, what I like to call the “planetary weather”. That’s where I explore their transits, progressions and the solar return chart to help prepare them for the upcoming cosmic weather and best prepare to meet the new experiences. Planets are like teachers and they enter our lives by transit for a duration of time and we have to learn how to dance with that specific energy and learn the lessons while we are in that transit. 

I/O: What are you doing now or planning for the future?
RG: I just finished the book “Your Body and the Stars” with Stephanie Marango, MD. I intend to continue expanding the school to reach a larger astro-curious audience.

In the future, I imagine a sort of social eco-system where humanity lives in greater harmony with the cosmos and earth. Practically, this involves connecting astrology to the masses, including to and through lifestyle brands.


I/O: What are your thoughts on female empowerment?
We have spent thousands of years in a patriarchy. Female empowerment is most definitely the future. And the astrology shows the same: for 2,160 years, Regulus (the royal star of power) was in the masculine and proud sign of Leo - emblematic of the era of golden-clad kings, militaristic leaders and, for the most part, a patriarchal world.  Throughout this time, masculine leadership went unquestioned in many instances. Even though there was tremendous suffering as a result, it is not until this current era where this is becoming such a public and political conversation, questioning and reclaiming of power.

It was only six years ago, during November 2011, when the star Regulus moved from the kingly sign of Leo to the feminine, earth sign of Virgo. This transition to the earth sign of Virgo marks the waning of Leo’s masculine power and the ascendance of the feminine and service oriented leadership.

I/O: How do you achieve harmony in your life?
Great question! As we evolve technologically and as the codes of media are always changing, it can be super challenging to find quiet and recharge. Because of this and with the speed at which everything is moving, I chose to put as much value on my downtime and playtime as I do on my work time.

Balance is always a work in progress. Play time allows us to develop the imagination and create from fertile space. There is a global need to replenish and move the needle here on our societal values.

A challenge I see women facing all across the globe is the fact that they are not happy in the life that they have worked their whole life to build. It is not rewarding anymore and they are ready to grow and expand in a new direction, though not sure how to start.
— Rebecca Gordon

I/O: What experts do you admire? Who are your teachers?
Ptolomy from the 2nd century, an astrologer who wrote one of the most important texts on astrology “The Tetrabiblos".

My astrology teachers were Marjean and Susan Miller of Astrology Zone. In their presence, the sky lit up with meaning and I gave me a sense of wonder that will always stay with me!

It’s inspiring to see Gabby Bernstein who connects to so many people across the globe and opens them to the concept of spirit. I think it’s important to be able to relate our spiritual work to the public and she’s done a stellar job with this.

In general, I have learned so much from my female entrepreneur friends. Community is so important for us.

I/O: Who or what helped you get where you are today?
RG: Making lots of mistakes.      

I/O: What particular challenges do you find women are facing?
A challenge I see women facing all across the globe is the fact that they are not happy in the life that they have worked their whole life to build. It is not rewarding anymore and they are ready to grow and expand in a new direction, though not sure how to start. People are in deep need of meaning and ritual in life. These things have been robbed from a lot of the mundane existence so the world is in a sort of existential crisis. I help a lot of entrepreneurs transition from the corporate paradigm into starting their own practice. In these readings, I look at the person’s unique gifts, challenges, and the best way to set things up according to that. And of course, we dive into the cycles in the year ahead and best launch dates too.

I/O: A mantra or motto?
“Reality is the Greatest Teacher.” I love this because I always feel that weather we like a current reality or not, we can always start to peel the layers and understand it as a mirror and teacher.

I/O: Three words to describe what you stand for.
Truth, Alignment, Purpose

I/O: Tell us about your rituals.
I do what I can when I can and when I can’t, I don’t sweat it. I always have a solid practice to return to which is basically a short Kriya meditation set in morning and night (if possible to begin and end the day this way). I also love dancing, working out, biking, yoga, martial arts and most anything physical because it also does wonders for me mentally. Having an exercise, yoga and meditation routine has gotten me through some of the darkest times. Regarding food, I tend to simply eat healthy, organic and local if possible.


I/O: What websites, books, podcasts or other tools would you recommend to our community?
My book is called “Your Body and the Stars” and I recommend it to anyone interested in astrology, energy and the body. Weather you are an advanced astrologer, or you just know your Sun sign, you’ll get a lot out of it as we also include various mediations, and physical practices for the different signs.

I run a year round astrology school where anyone can learn online and in person*.

My mentor Susan Miller writes very in-depth and accurate horoscopes and there’s loads of info on her site.

If you sign up for my newsletter, you will also get your monthly astrology sent to your in-box.

I also recommend The Astrology Podcast.

I/O: What role does music play in your life? Do you have a playlist to share? Or a "power" song?
Music brings me total transcendence and I could not imagine life without it. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of music and mantra at the 432 Hertz and that’s been exciting. I used to collect vinyl and DJ all over NYC (punk, goth, experimental, 80’s). I still have all the vinyl though stopped DJ’ing (too many late nights). I grew up with the ethos punk as well as a lot of female front woman bands like The Avengers, X-ray Spex and Bikini Kill. They all had great messaging and that was crucial in my teens and 20’s. It truly changed the way I saw the world and, looking back, gave me more courage as a woman to lead and have a message. In lieu of that, here’s a classic song by the Avengers. I still listen to punk and post-punk as well as all of my ambient and Mantra music. We are pretty colorful as humans and I’d rather not be locked in to only one sound, you know.

 I/O: What inspires you more than anything else?
The infinite possibility in the soul and all of the untapped potential within. I hope to awaken more of it this life.

I/O: Where can our community find you?
I live in Brooklyn with a sunny vegetable garden, and see clients in my West Village office during the week. There are a few venues at which I regularly present in NYC. And non-locals can always tune into one of my upcoming free webinars or on-line classes.  Find out about astrology readings, events, and the school on the My Path Astrology website and newsletter.

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