Robyn Berkley is a master multi-tasker, working as a leading fashion and lifestyle brand consultant while simultaneously running Live The Process, the transitional lifestyle clothing brand and editorial platform she launched in 2013. 

Robyn Berkley of Live the Process

Despite a frenetic business schedule rhythmed by production deadlines, collection presentations, fashion weeks, travel and a continuous flux of appointments, Robyn never seems to lose her cool. On the contrary, this self-proclaimed hardworking and ambitious entrepreneur consistently exudes unfaltering calm and sense of presence. Read on to learn more about her teachers, tools and holistic approach to the fashion and lifestyle industries.


Inside/Out: Introduce yourself.
Robyn Berkley: My name is Robyn Berkley. I am the co-founder of Live The Process, a lifestyle brand dedicated to health and healing. It incorporates my personal journey and love of information, research, people and product.

I/O: Tell us about your path.
I was raised to be independent, hard working, ambitious and to never settle. My family is hugely supportive and really I attribute everything that I have and am today to that. I have been extremely lucky to have the backbone and support from them, as they have always had faith in me and knew that anything I wanted to do I could make happen. They taught me how to manifest my life and do what makes me happy. I have met many other mentors along the way that I have been able to learn, experience and grow from. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the most creative and inspiring people and experience projects and brands that have helped shape who I am and the decisions I make.

I/O: Tell us a bit about what you do and how you do it.
RB: My life is multi-faceted. I think best like that. Live The Process sometimes feels like a creative agency in itself as there are always so many moving parts from the content editorial side, to marketing, PR, creative, product, to shipping and logistics. We are a small team and I have my hand in all areas. Everyday there is so much to do and to learn. I continue to be truly passionate about what I am doing as that is what keeps me going. It’s literally a labor of love.

I/O: What percentage of your clients are women?
RB: Only women for the moment until we launch for men.

I/O: What are your on female empowerment?
RB: I believe in female empowerment, but I mostly I believe in equality. It is a great time to be a woman, especially a woman in business.

I/O: How do you achieve harmony in your life?
RB: It’s a constant process. But Transcendental Meditation has been key. 

When launching Live The Process just four years ago it was important that we give back. When I returned from my trip to Bali I was introduced to a type of meditation called TM (transcendental meditation). I fell in love with it and how it made me feel, including, of course, the charitable aspect. I wanted my first collaboration for Live The Process to be with a charity that I respected and really felt connected to. After learning TM, I volunteered to work with the David Lynch Foundation. I recommend everyone try go and learn this method. I so believe in the principles. The DLF's founder Bob Roth just published a book called Strength in Stillness. It is a must read. 

Kundalini has also become useful to me. Without being super familiar with the practice, a few years ago I ended up going to a class that Guru Jagat was doing in NYC at Kula Yoga studio. It was so different from my traditional vinyasa practice. There was a lot of breath work and chanting - and other odd movements - but afterwards I felt such a high and openness. It was incredible. Guru Jagat is based in LA but also recently opened a new studio in NYC. It's amazing. I also love her book Invincible Living

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I/O: What experts do you admire?
RB: Tess Adams for microcurrent. Kalisa Augustine for crystal healing. Thuyen my facialist and so much more. Herbie is my go to for getting everything fixed from shoulders and back to spine and feet. He works with ballerinas, athletes, circus performers… Also, Carissa Schumacher as an intuitive. Rima Rabbath for yoga. Krissy and Chloe at Sky Ting Yoga. Monte Farber and Amy Zerner as spiritual teachers. Kumi Sawyers for massage. Gil Jacobs for colonics. And the Rescue Spa for all things Biologique Recherche.

And these are just a few off the top of my head! We regularly cover a lot of great people on the LTP blog

I/O: Who are your teachers?
RB: I admire people that are less about themselves and more about helping others. I feel most comfortable with people focused on causes, people who are doing great things that will help and change lives. There are so many people I admire that do this. Bob Roth is one (see above). 

But overall, the world is my teacher and I learn from it everyday.

It is a great time to be a woman, especially a woman in business.

I/O: Who or what helped you get where you are today?
Confidence, motivation, ambition, love and passion.

I/O: What challenges and obstacles do you face?
Cash flow and time are always a challenge.

I/O: What particular challenges do you find women are facing?
RB: How to have it all. A family and career. Women’s health issues.

I/O: A motto?
RB: If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. This is the one from when I was young. It has always stuck with me.

I/O: Three words to describe what you do and/or are and/or stand for.
RB: Inspire. Transform. Connect.

I/O: Tell us about your rituals.
Rituals are super important as they build habits. My rituals are yoga, pilates, functional training, facials, body treatments, healing treatments, crystal cleansings and food. I am quite specific and have been for the last 15 years. These rituals provide me with clarity, grounding and pleasure.

Live The Process - Resort Collection 18

Live The Process - Resort Collection 18

The world is my teacher and I learn from it everyday.

I/O: You know everything that is happening in New York at any given moment. What are your favorite spots and activities at the moment?
My favorite NYC studios are: Sky Ting, Yoga Shanti, Kula, New York Pilates, The Class. I also love my functional trainer for one-on-one.

I/O: Do you ever ‘fall off the wellness wagon’?
RB: I am not perfect but do everything in moderation. I try to be the best version of myself that I can be. Chocolate, wine and pasta (usually gluten free or multigrain) are some examples of my vices. I am a no white flour or sugar kinda girl.

I/O: What resources do you recommend to our community?
RB: There are so many site and books I read and look at. Most are featured on the LTP blog. I try to cover as much as possible so my community has access to my curated information. 

Right now, I am reading a book called Unmedicated, by Madisyn Taylor, the founder of the Daily Om. 

I also read cook books a lot. And anything on energy healing, crystals, cleansing and how-to books. 

I/O: What would you recommend for people without the means or geographical access to prestigious materials, products and practitioners?
RB: Happiness and health are a state of mind. Meditation, yoga and water are key elements to wellness and breathing, as breath is life.

I/O: What role does travel play in your life?
RB: Travel is everything to me and I dream about so many places. My next stop is Big Sur, one of my favorite spots. I have been to Southeast Asia, Europe, Hawaii and remote spots and cities. They all inspire me as it’s all about the sites, people and experiences you come into contact with. 

In particular, I love the Harmony Hotel in Nosara, Costa Rica and Sanara in Tulum. 

Oh, and North Shore Hawaii is a favorite destination. There are so many healers all over the place. 

I/O: What role does music play in your life? Do you have a playlist to share? Or a ‘power’ song?
RB: I love a good Pointer Sisters moment.

I/O: What makes you happy?
My dog Bodhi.

I/O: What do you do when something makes you unhappy?
RB: Edit it out of my life or confront it head on. I don’t like to stay in a place of being unhappy if I can control it.

I/O: What inspires you more than anything else?
RB: Travel, people, culture, my parents and my friends.

I/O: A desire, intention or manifestation?
RB: The next two years of my life will be devoted specifically to manifestation. According to a psychic and spiritual friend, anything I want to achieve or do in the next two years will be extremely important. Work/Love/Health are all things I desire, wish and work hard for. 

Live The Process - Resort Collection 18

Live The Process - Resort Collection 18