American born Alison Beckner is one half of Inside/Out. After spending the past 15+ years in Paris and Greece, she now divides her time between Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and the United States. As a lifestyle anthropologist of sorts, she thrives on creating and connecting global communities of empowered individuals through words, actions and experience. 

Kate Shela + Amber Ryan by Sarah Prikryl from Zero

Kate Shela + Amber Ryan by Sarah Prikryl from Zero

Read on for a selection of her favorite places, tools and products.

Kate Shela + Amber Ryan

Kate Shela x Amber Ryan Zero Retreat October 16-20
Movement artists and holistic healers, Amber Ryan and Kate Shela will host a retreat this fall in Joshua Tree. Combining 5Rhythms, Aikido, yoga, meditation, vision and ceremony, the experience is poetically described as follows: ‘silence our pathway, music our guide, body our divining rod.’ Transformation through embodiment is a recent practice for me and has quickly proven to be  powerful and effective. Through something as simple as setting an intention and moving intuitively to music, I find myself able to move through blocks, physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m ready to go deeper and Kate and Amber are my choice of women to facilitate that.

Image via Airbnb

Image via Airbnb

Ocean View Home in Malibu
Bound for the ‘Bu.’ I have dreamed of living in Los Angeles since I was in my early teens. I don’t know where that desire initiated, but my partner and I are now actively manifesting that intention. Our vision includes proximity to water, open skies, daily hikes and a home large enough to house our pack of fur babies…and the Inside/Out West Coast HQs. Something like this home on Zuma beach could do the trick!

Sun Potion Yin Powder

Sun Potion Yin Tonic
I recently received the Yin Tonic as a gift from Sun Potion Creative Director Nitsa Citrine. This wonderful blend of organic and wild harvested herbs (think: organic Reishi mushrooms, wildharvested He Shou Wu extract, ashwagandha, tocos) was created, says Citrine, ‘as an edible love note to all of the powerful mothers, sisters, daughters, teachers and healers’ in the Sun Potion global community. I find that the very act of taking it with nut milk or in a smoothie puts me more in touch with my femininity and sensuality. 

Ashtanga Yoga Morjim

Yoga in Goa, India
I first met Sharmila Desai when we were 19 years old and students at Columbia University. I was drawn to her allure from the get go. Even then she had a depth and aura about her that were hors-norme. Now, decades later, Sharmila has returned to her family’s ancestral land in Goa where she teaches Mysore style Ashtanga yoga from her home shala, nestled among the coconut trees. From there, as she told us in her Expert interview, ‘I try to give without expectations to all living beings around me as a central philosophy starting with my children, expanding to practitioners who cross my path, animals in need and to our earth.’ I dream of going for a visit this winter.

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

The Wild Unknown Tarot x Kim Krans
My friend Christina Pérez introduced me to this tarot deck several years ago. My knowledge of tarot is extremely limited, but the aesthetic of Kim’s drawings and the poetic language of each card seduced me from the start. I bought my deck in Los Angeles at Mystic Journey and pull from it at least once a week. Through her work and ethos, Kim has created more than a tarot deck, but rather, as she says: ‘a community in search of a deeper understanding of the human experience.’ And THAT I can get behind. In regard to the deck, I find that act of formulating a question, putting it out into the universe then pulling a card or spread with that intentional focus is a great exercise for me as it requires a pause for self-reflection and intuition. If nothing else, it keeps me off of Instagram for a good half an hour. I’m also dreaming of getting a tattoo (my 1st) based on one of the cards from the deck. But which one?

Julie Evonne Washington by Alexandra Kacha

Julie Evonne Washington by Alexandra Kacha

Julie Evonne Washington
I met Julie aka 3rd Eye Goddess through Rachel Hughes, the founder of New World Native. Julie is an intuitive healer and works in a plethora of ways, combining techniques such as reiki, guided meditation, indigenous healing modalities, tarot/oracle. Each session is different, but the outcome is the same: a strong sense of empowerment and improved clarity. Julie is my ally, my cheerleader, my copilot. I wish I could talk to her every week – her Sha’woman ka-power just can’t be beat!

Photo by Tory Rust for ADAY

Photo by Tory Rust for ADAY

I’m starting to sound like a broken record when it comes to this consciously designed clothing brand. A pioneer in the use of performance fabrics for transitional purposes, ADAY is taking innovation, durability, style and sustainability to the next level. Lately, I have been especially into the Something Borrowed shirt, the Easy Day pants, and the super flattering Throw & Roll leggings (I've been stopped on the street in these). And the It Takes Two Piece bikini is on my wishlist.

Everyday Oil

Everyday Oil
Every day, everywhere. My commitment to this oil is 2 years deep. It is the absolute best product I have found for triple duty for face, hair and body. The essential oil combination is enticing yet subtle, the price point is extremely competitive. Bonus points for being an indie brand from Black Mountain, North Carolina, close to my hometown in north east Tennessee. Two other favorites are In Fiore’s Calendula oil and the now-cult Active Botanical Serum by Vintner's Daughter. Both are worth the investment – they provide visible results on my sun spots, fine lines and glow.

Photo by Alison Beckner

Transcendental Meditation & Vedic Meditation
My twice daily meditation practice is possibly the most valuable gift I have ever given myself. Within the 1st month of completing my TM training, I fell asleep easier and rested more deeply. The 2nd month, my anger started to subside, I became more inquisitive, less reactionary. Over time I began to feel an increase in clarity, a creative boost and my anxiety has drastically decreased. My morning session helps me start the day with ease and intention. The afternoon pause gives me they energy to finish my day without feeling burned out and overstimulated. Additionally, being in a relationship with someone who practices this same technique has been a game changer. It really helps me maintain the rhythm and it serves to recalibrate us both on a twice daily basis.

Note: TM and VM are very similar - I always advise people to try out intro courses (always free) for either or both until they find an instructor with whom they feel confident. And can lead to meaningful community connections as well.


Insight App & The Shift
Insight Timer was created by one of my meditation teachers and friend Nicho Plowman. We met in Paris and after taking a course with Vedic Meditation founder Thom Knoles, I started attending the group meditation meet ups that he was hosting in his home. We have both since moved away, so I now use Insight as a timer, to keep track of my stats (I’m currently on a 700 day streak) as well as to see who else is out there meditating. It’s fascinating to see the numbers and faces around the globe. Insight also hosts a top notch selection of guided meditations, workshops, music and other resources from renowned teachers. 

I also love The Shift, a mindfulness app by Jennifer Hall Taylor and Jamie Leigh Kreshock, created as a 'tool that reaches beyond guided meditation into diet, movement, immersive sound, and practical daily actions.'