Remember Kerrilynn Pamer from our Expert profiles? She is the cofounder of CAP Beauty, a trailblazing destination for natural brands. There is a flagship with spa in NYC’s West Village, a second location in Fred Segal West Hollywood, Los Angeles, and a strong online presence as well.

Modern Feng Shui Courtesy of Meghan Wallace James

Modern Feng Shui Courtesy of Meghan Wallace James

Kerrilynn is Portland born, thinks she was possibly Japanese in a past life and considers Los Angeles to be her ‘spiritual home.’ She is a humble, fun loving and inclusive Libra (with Scorpio rising and Cancer moon) with an inspiring aesthetic and dedication to high vibrational living. (Here here!)

Read on for her Fan Club, featuring some of her favorite people, places and products.

Kerrilynn Pamer's Dogs

The Sato Project
My friend, and s/hero, Chrissy Beckles started The Sato Project about 9 years ago, with the intention of finding homes for the street dogs of Puerto Rico. Both of our dogs are satos and have filled me up in ways that I don't have words for. Chrissy and these dogs are truly angels. 


Bodha Ground Incense
With all the travel I've been doing, Bodha incense makes everywhere feel like home. 


Botanica & Honey Hi
Two of my favorite restaurants happen to be led by women partners, which I don't think is a coincidence. The love and commitment to beauty and graciousness that they offer up are inspiring and delicious. The perfect duo.  

Red Rocks Topanga Canyon by Alison Beckner

Topanga Canyon
One of my favorite places on earth, and I'm hoping the next stop in our home journey.


This jewel box of a restaurant in my hometown, Portland, is one of my first stops when I'm back home. The hummus is perfect, the space is beautiful and did I mention it's in Oregon?

Desiree Pais by Alison Beckner

Kundalini Yoga
Keep up and you will be kept up. So easy, so challenging and so rewarding. My daily practice. 

Mara Hoffman via CFDA

Mara Hoffman
Beautifully and ethically made, these clothes have me excited for all the seasons to come. 

Photo by Alison Beckner

Horseback Riding
I haven't done it in years, but I hope to take up dressage this year. Anything so I can be around these magnificent beasts. 

Foundrae via Pinterest.jpg

Foundrae Necklaces
I hope to start my collection soon. Reinterpreted classics that I'm dreaming of. 

Modern Feng Shui x Meghan Wallace James

Meghan Wallace James
I've had one session with this modern feng shui master and she is changing my life. Plus, she's the best to hang out with. I see many more dates in our future. 

Kerrilynn Pamer by John van Pamer