Remember Stephanie Tran from our New York Community? She is a photo editor at Bloomberg Businessweek and the cofounder of The New Jock, an exploration of fitness, sports and athleticism (and one of our favorite lifestyle outlets).

The Judd Foundation

The Judd Foundation

Fresh off a stint of competitions that include semi marathons and the Red Bull 400 (aka the toughest 400m run on the planet) plus travels to Los Angeles, Hawaii and Miami, Stephanie shares her top Tran Club Tools for Life. 

Ally Bogard

Ally Bogard

When I was in the beginning stages of what is now a separation from my husband, I had a one-on-one yoga class with Krissy Jones, from Sky Ting and Nike, and she highly recommended I speak with Ally Bogard. Ally is a yoga and meditation instructor, but she's also known as 'The Relationship Whisperer.' I don't know how she does it, but she's just really compassionate and insightful and incredibly wise. She is my human CBD oil. I consider her my compass, my healer.

Sky Ting

Equinox & Sky Ting

Two of my favorite places to linger. I'm not a huge fan of Equinox in terms of some of their policies, but I do love convenience of the many gyms. When I am at the gym, I feel like I'm going to the spa, and that's a pretty good trick to getting someone to spend all of their time (and money) there! With Sky Ting, the teachers are just lovely, the yoga is great, and the spaces are beautiful. It's easy to find yourself lounging around in their common spaces.

Biologique Recherche

P50 1970 by Biologique Recherche 

This is a bit controversial because this particular version contains phenol, an antiseptic that is used in a lot of health and beauty products in the US, but  actually banned in a lot of other places. A few months ago I was at a dinner sitting next to a woman with the smoothest, glowing skin. This was her secret. Now it's mine. I know it seems to go against the organic/natural side of me, but it works. And I'm all-in.


Mountain Rose Herbs

Mountain Rose Herbs 

I get all of my bulk herbs, seeds, and oils here. I think it's easy to get sucked into the packaging and marketing materials of a lot of brands selling potions these days - and I don't fault anyone for making or buying them - but Mountain Rose Herbs is both organic and truly affordable. You're paying for quality product, not branding.

Pure Kana CBD


I've been alive and running a decent amount of time, and I can honestly say the game changed once I introduced CBD oil into my life. I credit this wonderful tincture to being relatively pain-free and successfully finishing two recent races. Not that I performed exceptionally well or better than usual, but I did do better than expected. In both cases, I took a full dropper before each race. My nerves calmed, I felt strong, healthy, and full of mental clarity. It really makes me feel like Wonder Woman. My favorite brands are: Select CBDPure Kana and a yet-to-be-launched brand a friend is involved with.

Stephanie Tran Red Bull 400

District Vision Sunglasses

I have the Nagata frames. They're super lightweight, and as an Asian with a low-bridge nose, I appreciate that their frames come with adjustable nose pads. One of my pet peeves when running is having to readjust things, and these just stay put. They also look so good, I often wear them when I'm not running. 


The Judd Foundation

The Judd Foundation

This place on Spring Street is just perfect. I love going on the tours there. They're always pretty much the same, but you kind of learn something different with each person leading, and the vibe of old Soho is palpable. You really feel the history there. Plus, everything is beautiful. 

Intl Women's Day

Strong Women

The amazing, supportive, and nurturing friendships of strong women you look up to. My friend and colleague organizes a monthly gathering of women, who work mostly in media, and she calls it Coven. Another group of friends organize a gathering called Unstoppable Women which consists of WOC making shit happen in all types of creative fields. I feel really unworthy of both, but so grateful to be included in these moments. There is nothing more wonderful than women who come together to raise each other up. It inspires me to reach a little higher every day.

Meditation by Stephanie Tran

Transcendental Meditation

It's not always easy to stop everything you're doing twice a day for 20 minutes to meditate, but it's worth it. I feel that if I'm spiraling in negative thought, which is easy to do when you're going though relationship and family issues, stepping back and meditating really helps me reset. It's only been a few months since I started, but I've tried other forms of meditation and this one is the only one that has truly worked for me. 


Apex for Youth 

Apex for Youth is a non-profit that pairs professionals with underserved Asian youth in the New York City area from grades 1-12, mentoring them to become more focused, ready for college, and confident young adults. I have two friends on the board and the work the entire organization does really warms my heart. Giving opportunity and giving back to the Asian community is really important to me. I've been volunteering with them for their annual gala for the last few years. 

Stephanie Tran