Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective

We practice self care and we love the planet. How to combine the two to be more eco-conscious when working out? Read on for 10 tips on how to workout more sustainably without sacrificing on style.


Start with Style:
These days, finding sustainable workout gear is a no-brainer, and doesn’t require compromising on style or functionality. When buying online take a close look at product descriptions and at labels when shopping IRL. Where are the products from? What is the fabric made of? Prefer lyocell or tencel, organic cotton, linen, wool and hemp. And avoid polyester, and polyamide, viscose, acrylic, acetate and elasthane - all made with toxic chemicals.

Our Combo:
Choose between a natural color range with the Strength Reversible Sports Bra from the Evergreen collection. This supportive reversible bra features adjustable straps, a wide elastic bottom band, and two layers of organic cotton for maximum comfort. It is made in Colorado, from 92% organic cotton and 8% spandex.

Combine design, comfort and ethic with the Girlfriend Collective Compressive leggings: an extra high-rise with four-way stretch and compressive fabric made from 25 recycled water bottles or the Lite leggings, made from fishing nets.

Proudly wear the Adizero Prime Parley x Adidas sneakers, crafted from Parley Ocean Plastic ™ material, made from recycled waste, collected on beaches and coastlines before they reach the ocean.

Ditch single use plastic water bottles (if you haven’t already!) in exchange for a Tree Tribe Moon and Moutains reusable water bottle. Beautifully designed, friendly and indestructible, it will keeps beverages cold all day or hot from six to ten hours. With ten trees planted for every purchase!

Follow with a Power Shower:
A good shower is a quick shower. Think about turning off the water when soaping and shampooing. Try lowering the temperature. Not only will you save energy, it’s great for post-workout recovery and works wonders for skin elasticity, circulation, stress and the immune system.

Our Combo:
Apply a Juicy Bamboo cleansing cloth to remove your makeup. They are soaked in natural ingredients such as organic honey, sunflower seed oil or jojoba oil, are natural and cruelty-free and 100% Biodegradable 

For hair, give a solid shampoo a go. Rhassoul clay Hair and Body soap by Flow packs a powerful punch, with each stick lasting up to douzains of washes. The brand use certified organic ingredients whenever possible (apart from a small number of essential oils, all of their plant ingredients are organic and certified) and buy a lot of them in Finland including heather, juniper, northern berries, nettle and marigold to keep your mane in tip top shape. The metallic box provides perfect on-the-go packaging as well. Or for a quick water-free fix, how about a dry shampoo? We particularly like Lavender Chagrin Valley dry shampoo.

And for the body, opt for packaging-free soaps like this calendula and oatmeal soap by Ethique. They have on online quiz to help find the bar that best fits your needs.

Final touch:

Use an ecological ear cleaner and replace the sticks padded for life! We like the Lamazuna oriculi! This ingenious instrument comes from Japan and China, and has several advantages: it’s ecological and economic of course, but also good for health as it prevents build-up of earwax. Use it once or twice a week.

Go for the cup! Replace tampons - especially the non-organic, bleached ones - with a menstrual cup. The Hello Cup, the Ruby Cup and Lena Cup (recommended if you’re a beginner) are some of our favs. Not only does using a cup save money and environmental waste, it’s also a great way to monitor flow and blood quality.

Feel like going all out, top it all off with some plant-based sustenance like high-quality tonics, wildcrafted herbs, and consciously-sourced superfoods.

Look good, feel good, do good.