Designed with wellness-savvy active women in mind, Adidas has released ALL DAY, a comprehensive lifestyle app inspired by athletic performance and driven by research from world-renowned organizations in sports, data and behavior science. 



Here at INSIDE/OUT we are no strangers to the app, fit tracker and online wellness services game. And quite honestly, we are hard to impress, as we often find that our own experiences, community and network of practitioners provide intuitive intell that exceeds many of the one-size-fits all platforms in the market today.  

This said, when Stephen Cheuk, I/O Expert and the NYC-based trainer who works with a stellar roster of empowered women recommended we download the new adidas ALL DAY app to stay fit, challenged and motivated during our frequent travels, we were intrigued...and pleasantly surprised with this innovative and unique platform. 

First, the adidas ALL DAY platform is multi-focus as it consolidates a number of key features in today's fitness apps such as sleep, meditation, nutrition and workout trackers in order to inspire and motivate. 

And more importantly, it exists as a unique experiential interface proposing ways to stay active and inspired through the Discoveries program, a library of ideas, practices and routines from experts across 4 main areas of wellness: movement, nutrition, mindset and rest

The initial ALL DAY library contains a dozen Discoveries, and will continue to grow from there. 

adidas ALL DAY yoga
adidas ALL DAY training
With ALL DAY, we have taken everything we’ve learned about human performance and created an experience that serves up insights and challenges for anyone looking to live a healthy life.
— Stacey Burr, VP and General Manager of adidas Digital Sports
adidas ALL DAY rest
adidas ALL DAY Nutrition


Some of the featured Discoveries available in ALL DAY to date include:
    •    Yoga for Running: Five-minute yoga sessions with Adriene Mishler

    •    Simple Clean Eating: Recipes for clean and healthy eating from wellness chef Candice Kumai

    •    Sleep Sounds Drift: Sleep and performance enhancing hour-long music tracks by DJ Nina Las Vegas

    •    Get Fit Anywhere: Guided HIIT and body weight workouts with celebrity trainer Stephen Cheuk 

adidas ALL DAY Stephen Cheuk
The biggest learning the app delivers on is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. It’s about discovering what works for you, so you can be your best.
— Stacey Burr, VP and General Manager of adidas Digital Sports

ALL DAY is now available for free for iOS and Android devices in the U.S. adidas will begin rolling out the app to other markets beginning this fall.

More information online here

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