When it comes to buying swimwear, there are now many alternative emerging labels complementing the most established ones. Here is our eclectic selection summer swim favorites, for various body types and activities. 

Courtesy of Albertine Swimwear

Courtesy of Albertine Swimwear


Caroline and Anémone spent their childhood playing among lace and corsets designed by their grandfather Albert. Today, the sisters use  their childhood memories as an inspiration to create a sophisticated line founded in 2009. The brand - based on the west coast of France, with one store in Biarritz and another in Hossegor - is renowned for premium fabrics, mismatched prints and a creative reinvention of retro.



Founded in 2017 by Roxane Thiery and Anne-Fleur Broudehoux, Roseanna offers a complete wardrobe that mixes unique prints, an elegant color palette and high end materials. The swimwear selection provides French savoir-faire through sophistication, casual chic and impeccable cuts, suitable for a long, leisurely summer.




Simplicity at its best! Timeless design and classic colors to transcend trends. The Australian brand offers the perfect swimwear to feel confident both on the sand and in the water. And since Ilona Hamer and Peta Heinsen, the two sisters who co-founded the brand, don't like the term minimal, we'll label the style as perfectly clean and simple. 




Galamaar was founded in 2017 by designer Blakely Wickstrom, a California native and long time Brooklyn resident, who combines east and west coast influences in an exclusive dual identity. Made from post-consumer waste like recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets salvaged from the ocean and produced in Los Angeles, the minimal pieces are well cut, designed to fit a variety of female form and extremely comfortable.
You know what we say: Look good, feel good, do good!



Marysia Dobrzanska Reeves founded this brand in 2009, inspired by her years of dancing and surfing. Since then, Marysia has become an ode to travel, from Harbour Island to Biarritz, and has devotees such as Gwyneth Palthrow, Lupita Nyango and Leandra Medine. The scalloped edge pieces have become her signature, a central piece available this season in white, burgundy, tofee, kelp, stone, terracotta, mirtillo and black. 



This summer the Parisian heritage brand reedits five signature swim styles: Niko, Sirène, Miami, Surligné and Playa. All pieces with their own style and charm, conjuring up memories of unforgettable summers. This time, the limited edition collection brings them back in a graphic color palette with a predominance of red, black and white.
Souvenirs, souvenirs...