With temperatures heating up and longer days upon us, it's time to update our yoga attire to adapt to summer practice. Our first focus is on the ubiquitous Los Angeles-based brand, Alo Yoga. 


Their S18 collection includes aquatic-inspired details, like mesh and translucent materials, interpreting the fluidity of water though movement via fabrics and layering; as well as providing an upgraded transparency to body-mapping and form. Among our favorites: the bandage leggings with stirrups, the reflective bra-and-leggings and the super high waist Motto and Airlift leggings, that are also some of the most comfortable and breathable technical yoga apparel we found there. 

For this season, we were inspired by the idea of the body reimagined, in which we explored highlighting the form from an evolved perspective.
— Sapna Von Sick, Alo Yoga's Senior Designer
Summer is all about falling in love with the outdoors, so we took a deep dive into finding all things in nature and exploring details that could translate into beautiful pieces.
— Mystika Jones, Alo Yoga's Design Creative Director