April Gargiulo is the founder and CEO of cult luxury skincare company Vintner’s Daughter. The brand is best known for their Active Botanical Serum, a performance-driven face product made from whole organic plants and using methodical formulation methods.

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From her home base in San Francisco where she lives with her husband and their 2 children, April shares some of her favorite spots, resources and destinations.


Image courtesy of Villa d'Este

Villa d’Este Lake Como 
My husband and I ended up here after a long road trip from Madrid. We arrived and were instantly transported to another world. The natural light alone is pure magic, but there is also the view of Lake Como and of the mountains. The level of attention to every detail of your stay is like nowhere else.


Jose Ignacio, Uruguay
Jose Ignacio is of my favorite two beach towns in the world. We discovered it on a road trip through Argentina and Uruguay and were blown away by the rugged beauty combined with the chicest shops, restaurants, and hotels.

NuFace Microcurrent Facial

Microcurrent Facials
A game changer for aging skin. These devices lift and tone the skin as well as help push product into skin. It only works with water-based products, so our Active Botanical Serum isn’t ideal to use, unfortunately, but applying it after using the tool by using our Push/Press Method can make a big difference.

Pilates ProWorks

Pilates ProWorks
This workout has changed my life. I have tried everything and have never had such great results without any pain. It feels tailor-made for a woman’s body. In a perfect world, I would go every other day, but I’m lucky to go once a week.

The Butcher's Daughter via Facebook

The Butcher’s Daughter
Obviously they had me at the name, but this restaurant in Venice Beach and Manhattan is one of my favorites. I normally over order because I cannot decide what I want and even if you aren’t vegetarian, you will love it.


High Vibrational Beauty by CAP Beauty
I love cookbooks even though I don’t cook very much anymore, and this one is my newest obsession. CAP Beauty was also one of our very first stockists and its founders, Kerrilyn and Cindy, are trailblazers.

Image courtesy of April Gargiulo

Gargiulo Vineyards
My family winery! Nestled in the middle of Napa Valley, we produce around 5,000 cases of single vineyard estate wines each year. We farm two landmark vineyards from which we make all our wines. Each bottle we produce tells a story of the land, the vintage, the grapes and ultimately our commitment and passion for a true expression.

Image via Trek Travel

Vine Trail
If you ever come to Napa, think about renting a bike and riding this 35 miles paved trail up and down the valley. It meanders its way through the grapevines and the small town of our beautiful Napa Valley. Think of it as our answer to NYC’s Highline.

Metier via Facebook

A true jewel box filled with beautiful estate and new jewelry. It is run by two incredible women founders, Trina and Sheri, and whenever I am in there, I run into someone I know. It’s as if it has its own, distinct gravitational pull for my favorite people. At any given time, I am wearing between 4 and 10 things that I have purchased there throughout the years.


Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain
This book has been on my bedside table for over ten years. I reach for it often for inspiration, guidance, and discovery.

April Gargiulo