Austin based Jennifer Hall Taylor is our most recent community member. She and her business partner Jamie Leigh Kreshock launched mindfulness app The-Shift last fall with the intent to create a "tool that reaches beyond guided meditation into diet, movement, immersive sound, and practical daily actions."

Rothko Chapel

Below, as part of our "Fan Club by..." series, the duo shares their top places, people and products du jour.

Mercedez Rex Textiles

Mercedez Rex

File under: Textile love. My dear friend Mercedez is obsessed with color and pattern. As a result, she makes the most beautiful hand-dyed textiles using Indigo, ice dye, and marbling. My favorites are her hand-dyed 'I Woke Up Like This' silk pillow cases. They are so beautiful to look at and heaven to sleep on, with the added bonus of being great for your skin and hair. - Jennifer

Luna Zorro

Luna Zorro

Another #textilelove. Molly Berry is a woman to watch. Working with Mayan weavers in her "current" hometown of Antigua, Guatemala, Molly combines local textile artistry with her own modern designs. Her towels, pillows, robes and fabrics make for soulful and inspired gifting. My true personal soft spot? Her vintage finds. Swoon. I’ve repurposed her vintage fabrics into massive floor cushions for movie nights, curtains for my daughter’s room, seat covers for an RV remodel, and even tote bags. Kudos to a businesswoman shining light on local weavers. - Jamie

Japanese Rikumo Candle

Rikumo 5 Elements Candles

These soy-based Japanese candles are made to connect us to different energies associated with the elements of earth, air, fire, sky, and water. The descriptions of each symbolic element are like philosophical poems and the natural scents are somehow bold enough to infuse a room and delicate enough so as not to overpower. I love to light them to unlock or enhance a mood before meditating or writing. Such a simple ritual. - Jennifer

Rothko Chapel

The Rothko Chapel

Have you been? Quiet, transcendent, enriching. This world renowned sanctuary in Houston, Texas lifts, energizes and inspires the spirit.  This sacred space, welcoming to all, serves to 'inspire people to action through art and contemplation, to nurture reverence for the highest aspirations of humanity, and to provide a forum for global concerns.'  Yes. - Jamie

Danielle Beinstein

Dani Beinstein

Jamie introduced me to the clever, intuitive, and down-to-earth astrologer Dani Beinstein. Her astrological readings are insightful and sensitive and offer a useful set of perspectives and frameworks for understanding the particulars of your personality or the gifts and challenges of a given period of time. It’s like a mini form of therapy where you get to listen and reflect more than wade through your old stories. - Jennifer

Jessica Cantlin

Feed My Wanderlust

Jessica Cantlin has an eye for style and taste like no other. Her incredible fine art photography has attracted quite the following, and I am grateful to have her simple but powerful images of the outdoors in my own home (and on our The-Shift app!). Her love for adventure, art, food, fashion and culture spills over into her intuitive, practical and funny travelogue, inspiring us to embrace the world more often! - Jamie

Vital Proteins

Vital Proteins Collagen

Working together for the first time years ago, Jen suggested I start each morning with a routine of warm water, fresh lemon and collagen. I am certain I scowled and raised an eyebrow, but this tiny ritual has changed my life. Collagen is part of essential belly work - a vital building block to joints, tissue, bones, skin and hair. It adds a boost to hydration and recovery for workouts, helps me with deeper sleep, assists with better digestion, and gives my skin and hair a noticeable glow. Try it! - Jamie

Om Organic Mushroom Nutrition

Om Organic Mushroom Nutrition

I make tea from these powdered mushrooms or add them to my coffee for a supercharge. Mushrooms offer so much nutritional support - energy, immunity, nerve health, cognitive function, adaptogenic healing, plus naturally occurring prebiotics and digestive enzymes. I’m not big on supplementation in general but this is a major exception for me and I feel the results almost immediately. - Jennifer

Photo by Alison Beckner

The Book of Awakening

Mark Nepo is a poet, philosopher, and spiritual guide. This book offers 365 short passages and meditations, one for each day of the year, and it’s one of the books I keep in my yoga practice space for guidance and inspiration. He has a way of succinctly and eloquently getting to the heart of the matter of how beautiful and excruciating it is to be human. - Jennifer

Gua Sha Face Tools

Rose quartz “Gua Sha” Face Tool

Jen gifted me this miracle face-saver during a particularly intense period of business travel.  I love her every time I break it out of my travel case. Easy and simple to use, this traditional Chinese medicine tool helps facilitate lymphatic drainage and increases light and energy.  You will notice an immediate lift and glow! I also love to rest it on my nightstand at night. Rose quartz is the key stone for the heart chakra, bringing awareness to love of others and to self.  What better way to rest when traveling than with an open heart? - Jamie

Jaime Kreshock & Jennifer Hall Taylor

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