Magdalena Sartori is based in New York City where she is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of The Assemblage, a co-working, co-living and social space, promoting a holistic lifestyle that aims to "create containers for self-transformation" and reconstruct the way individuals live and work.

Jewelry: Goldish. Photography: Tyler Goldflower. Dancers: Violetta Komyshan, Erin Chong, Agle Andreikaite. Body Paint Artist: Carlito Dalceggio.

Jewelry: Goldish. Photography: Tyler Goldflower. Dancers: Violetta Komyshan, Erin Chong, Agle Andreikaite. Body Paint Artist: Carlito Dalceggio.

In our first "Fan Club by...," Magdalena shares her eclectic selection of her favorite products, tools, places and things to connect with super-natural energy and nurture the light within.  

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Caravana Tulum

I absolutely love the flowy and natural vibe of this clothing brand born in Tulum. Their ponchos and versatile beach pieces are meant to shift from day to night effortlessly and are an embodiment of the chic unpretentious Tulum lifestyle that I love.



My dear friend Yafit created this mystical jewelry line of body and hand chains. Each piece is inspired by sacred geometry and designed to align, lift and activate specific points of our energetic bodies. I don’t usually wear jewelry but I love wearing these hand chains as it has a unique, precious and sublime feel to it.


Flower Essences by Spiritwater Gardens

Flower essence therapist, Elizabeth Patric from Spiritwater Gardens, located in Northern Wisconsin amidst thousands of lakes and forests, offers remote energy readings and provides specific flower essences for each individual. She 'co-creates the essences with the help of non-physical nature beings of love and light frequencies.' I have been using these essences for months and love how they make me feel more connected to the flower realms and the beauty that exists in our planet.


Healer of Humans Essential Oils

My dear friend Hayley Starr from Healer of Humans created this stunning line of essential oils. As the rose flower is deeply connected to Mary Magdalene and she wanted to add personality to each oil, she asked me to be the face of essential rose oil. I love using it at night as it is definitely charged with feminine, super-natural and organic energy.


Meiji Shrine in Tokyo

This is one of the most special places I have ever experienced. Shinto Shrines are an ode to the natural world and the divine spirits that inhabit nature, waterfalls and caves and I feel a stromg connection to this old Japanese religion. They have the most graceful rites and rituals and its one of the oldest religions of the world.


Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

This is a very special place for me, not only because I am originally from there, but also because I have never encountered such magic in any other country or place in the world. It has timeless magical sunsets and mystical stargazing, but also the perfect amount of beach and countryside lifestyles with a boho-chic twist. My family’s eucalyptus forest is one of my most sacred spaces.



Dancing and connecting with my physical-self is an important part of my life. I religiously do a 5Rhythms meditation every morning which allows me to vibrate at higher levels and connect with higher frequencies of the sacred feminine. I also do a longer weekly session at a studio in NYC where I perform some sort of energetic cleaning ritual.


Human Design Reading

Discovering Human Design and the esoteric knowledge behind the programming of human beings has been such an important step in my journey. It helped me understand myself more profoundly and distinguish between the genuine and conditioned traits of my persona. I always recommend this to anyone looking for deeper insights on self-knowledge.

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Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in your DNA

This book by Richard Rudd shifted my perspective of humanity and opened many portals of ascension for me. The Gene Keys is a recent transmission based on ancient wisdom and a fantastic guide for self-transformation. It’s based on the premise that human beings are pre-determined by a specific programming; it’s fascinating. Start by doing a profile online here.


Beatfulness Meditation App

This is my favorite meditation app, my go-to it on a daily basis. It’s beautifully designed with sacred geometry visuals. I love the Lucid Dreaming and Third Eye Activations.