Romy Ishii Loaec is Japanese, born in Corsica and raised in Paris. She has worked as a freelance stylist, fashion coordinator and consultant for media such as Grazia France, Vogue Girl Japan, Ginza, Elle Japan, L'Optimum and Harper's Bazaar Japan. She is seemingly insatiable when it comes to physical activities.

In Paris you’ll find her in a cycling class, running on the Seine, at any number of yoga studios, or on the pilates Reformer. When traveling, she surfs, complementing with visits to all of the best local classes.

Given her full-spectrum lifestyle expertise, we naturally turned to her for an update on the newest wellness products, practices and trends, mostly in Tokyo but also in Bali and New York.


Three - Tokyo
THREE is my favorite cosmetics brand. I truly like everything they make, do and stand for. Including their restaurant in Aoyama (Tokyo), just next to their shop. Their skincare products are my favorites - the creams are 90% natural and their make up, foundation, and under eye cream treatment for dark circles are all amazing.


Aware - Tokyo
I particularly like this brand of Japanese underwear. It’s made of certified organic cotton and all the dyes are botanical. In addition to being good looking, it feels so good!


8 Tablish Vegan Restaurant - Tokyo
A friend of mine - Junko Arioka from Hawaii - who is vegan and an excellent lomilomi massage therapist introduced me to this restaurant last summer. It’s so delicious with surprising flavors, like the Amazake ice cream which is sweet sake (editor’s note: Amazake literally means “sweet sake,” and it’s either low-alcohol - made by mixing sake kasu with steamed rice and water - or alcohol-free - made by mixing plain steamed rice and water with kome kōji, rice that has been inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae) with a bergamot oil on it.


Higashiya Pastry - Tokyo
This place has a variety of tasty teas with the prettiest pastries - it’s a pleasure just gazing at them. The atmosphere is wonderful, a little bubble where everything is calm, beautiful, and soothing right in the middle of the bustling city.


Natural House Grocery - Tokyo
Natural House is so great - they have everything from takeaway food to yuzu drinks to crazy food supplements and cosmetics. I buy everything here when I'm in town.


Brown Rice Café - Tokyo
My favorite for a lunch with friends or tea time. It’s affiliated with Neal's Yard Remedies, the famous British brand for organic natural health and beauty products. And, as the name suggests, whole grain rice is a signature ingredient. I recommend the vegetable curry and their dessert.


Café Kitsuné - Tokyo
A total must for my daily dose of matcha latte (and not just because my husband, Gildas, is the cofounder!). In the morning or in the afternoon, the zen Japanese atmosphere always chills me out.


Desa Seni Yoga Resort - Canggu, Bali
Based in Canggu, it is a magical place! It feels like a bubble of well being. This is where I come to practice my Yin yoga when I am in Bali. Their massages are amazing too.


Bali Buda - Bali
This is the best grocery store in Bali. I was delighted this summer to learn that they had opened a shop in Canggu. You can find everything there: spices, cakes, cosmetics etc. All organic and there is also a café upstairs for a smoothie or a juice. My favorites: coconut oil and peanut butter energy balls.


SLT, New York City
Short for strength, lengthen, tone, this method is comprised of a 50-min heart-pumping workout using pilates machines, with the instructor on the mic and loud music to set the pace. This is one of my favorite workouts in NYC. It feels so efficient and I was sore for 3 full days after!


Kirsty Godso
I had the chance to do a HIIT (high intensity interval training) class with her at the PROJECT by Equinox space (which I also really like). She makes you work every part of your body - her specialty is the double-burpee tuck aka ‘hot sauce burpees!’ And it is hot!

Photo: Corinne Stoll

Photo: Corinne Stoll