Sam Guélimi defines her studio Ici Self Care as ‘a yoga room where leggings mingle with tweed jackets and silk scarves; with Warrior poses on the mat and readers in the corner library and as many books as there are pledges of friendship.’ And it's true that this studio, like her Glow On the Go boutique, gives true meaning to the holistic dimension of wellbeing, offering the strong practices and products for body, mind and spirit. 

Photo by Sam Guelimi during her last visit to Kari Jansen (the founder of Poppy & Someday) in Los Angeles.

Photo by Sam Guelimi during her last visit to Kari Jansen (the founder of Poppy & Someday) in Los Angeles.

For this Fan Club, we asked Sam to share a selection of her favorite places and products, including many winners from the US, as she just spent part of her summer in NYC and LA.


Shiva and I recently had lunch at my favorite restaurant (Yen, near Café Flore). She is a real beauty. Her products are simply magical and I find that she undertakes with a lot of heart and sincerity the mission she has given herself: to bring beauty and luminosity to women, in a rewarding and stimulating way.


The best of natural beauty in the West Village and one of my must-visit addresses in New York! I love the impeccable elegance of their two founders - Kerrilynn Pamer and Cindy DiPrima - who created the place with the mission of merging well-being and design.


Sun Potion Transformational Foods are dedicated to health, happiness and well-being, combining medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs. Sun Potion works with suppliers with stringent quality standards. The products are organic and/or wild, without any chemical treatment. I like the authenticity of their range. Nitsa Citrine, the creative director of Sun Potion, came to practice at my studio - she is so delicate, she seems to be straight out of a dream. 


Jessika Corre, the founder of this brand, is so passionate and the fragrances are delicious! Her journey into the heart of holistic health began when she was still a little girl. Growing up in a small mountain village, she spent days playing in the woods, in the trees, in the mountains. Certain that plants were there for our well-being, she developed the desire to make "potions" from them. I also recommend her book, Moonbow


Kari Jansen, the founder of Poppy & Someday is an herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner. Shy, beautiful, attentive and passionate, she almost disappears when you arrive at her home so that her little paradise (near Mulholland Drive) becomes yours. The product design process is rooted in the study of Ayurveda and western herbalism and focuses on plant based ingredients. I sell her products at G! and at Ici. Indeed, only those who are really in the know come looking for these products because they do not have a label or consumer certification (organic certification in France does not always align for products from the US.). 



Mama Glow is a holistic center for women to explore their creative advantage through optimal wellness, founded by acclaimed prenatal wellness specialist, Latham Thomas. Latham is so special - she has a real kindness, really wants to change things...and she gets there! I really appreciate our relationship, she is like a friend and a sister. We are bound by our mutually sincere desire to support women in their daily lives. I trained with her to become a doula. I always measured the importance of birth facillitaters, however during my training and through the circle of women I was with, I became aware of the activist dimension of the role as well (You should absolutely read Killing the Black Body.) I will be hosting Latham soon in Paris in order to share her teachings with the community here. Stay tuned.  


In the last couple of years, I decided to teach alone in my studio because my vision for this place is very personal. I do love to occasionally invite friends, guest teachers with whom I share the same vision. On September 22 and 23, I will host Sky Ting founders Chloe and Krissy, as well as Dages Juvelier Keates, also from Sky Ting - she is brilliant, illuminated and funny! I recently taught a yin workshop at Love Yoga, thanks to founders Sian and Kyle. I hope they will come to Ici this year as well. Sky Ting (discover Chloe and Krissy's travel essentials), Love (discover Sian and Kyle's playlist) and Ici create a community beyond the frontiers. 


Nevine Michaan, the creator of Katonah Yoga is amazing. So generous and great. Nevine has a gift for teaching the physical and esoteric aspects of yoga. Her hands on approach mixes body, breath and imagination. Her unique dialogue and insight goes hand in hand with her extraordinary ability to transmit and communicate her keen sense of knowledge. I did 3 intensive Katonah courses. I call her Athena, in reference to the intelligent and protective Greek goddess of the same name. 


I really like the philosophy of this place and the metaphor of origami that they use: ‘By reforming the unconscious habits of our body and introducing more enlightened and effective models, yoga becomes an origami for the body. As we bend and unfold, we develop a dimension rather than engage in the binary struggle between tight and loose, in this way we establish conditions for greater self-awareness and wider vision, which leads to personal change.’ I love Abbie Galvin. She is very funny, and mischeveous in such an adorable way.


I love Heather Andersen's studio where the team firmly believes that fitness leads to empowerment. Inside and Out. They use resistance to strengthen and develop deep muscles. The teaching staff is great as is the studio's philosophy, their music, the minimalist decoration and the chic and sophisticated atmosphere. One of my favorite pilates studios ever. 


I am a big fan of chef Adriana Urbina's cooking! The menus offer local ingredients and seasonal dishes and the place is not far behind. Inspired by the conceptual artist Walter De Maria, this restaurant has become a key address in the Nolita district. The interior environment was designed by MP Shift to reproduce an artist studio, mixing 70s and Bauhaus influences. One of my favorites. 


The Butcher's Daughter is a restaurant, a coffee shop and a juice bar. They showcase products from local and organic farms and design seasonal menus. I'm particularly intro their breakfasts. In addition to the requisite kale and avo toast, the menus include tacos verde, Monterey eggs and matcha pancakes for breakfast and brunch; spinach artichoke crock and cauliflower pizza for dinner. Go at off-hours or be prepared to wait. It's so small! 


Sky Ting photo by Madeline Wolf.
Sam's portrait by Lemon Zest.