Following her Community profile, Los Angeles based beauty editor Victoria Hoff shares her 'Fan Club' selection with us.



Some of her favorite places, spaces and products of the moment. 

CAP Beauty The Daily Hit

CAP Beauty The Daily Hit Oil

I'm a huge proponent of the mental health and medical benefits of cannabis, and this CBD oil is my secret to feeling focused and calm in the mornings. I add a dose to my coffee to take the edge off.


Noto Cosmetics

Noto Botanics

My friend Gloria Noto is the mastermind behind this brand, created to defy gender norms and celebrate natural, organic ingredients. I recommend the Face+Neck serum to all my friends - it brightens and moisturizes my skin so much, I don't need makeup.

Ici Self Care Paris

Ici-Selfcare and Glow on the Go! in Paris

I fell in love with both of these spots during a recent trip to my favorite city - I should have known that they share a founder! I love really intimate yoga spaces, and I appreciate that both locations are really multifunctional. You get your fitness, wellness and conscious beauty all in one spot.

Kismet LA

Kismet Los Angeles

My favorite restaurant in LA - and it's no coincidence that it was founded by the chef behind my favorite restaurant in Brooklyn. It's Middle-Eastern cuisine meets local California flavors, so my friends and I always share a bunch of plates here. The orange wine is also to die for.

The Break

The Break

I consider vintage shopping and thrifting to be an extension of my wellness routine because without the health of our beautiful planet, we are nothing. I try to buy most of my clothing from secondhand boutiques and/or local LA brands with a sustainable ethos. On a recent trip home to NYC, my friends recommended I check out this amazing store, and it was love at first sight: The '80s-leaning aesthetic is definitely my vibe.

Griffith Park Observatory via Pinterest.png

Griffith Park

It's a pretty standard spot by LA standards, but after spending so many years in NYC I still don't take my newfound access to outdoor space for granted. I find Runyon to be too crowded and scene-y, while Griffith has a bunch of hidden trails that don't get a lot of foot traffic. My favorite morning (and often, evening!) ritual is to hike up to the park's helicopter pad, which is perched above the entire city. It's the best place to meditate.



I'm overdue for another trip to the desert just to experience another sound bath at the Integratron. The history behind the building is so weird and fascinating and it's acoustically perfect - which is why they host daily sound baths. It's the most blissful, high-vibe nap I've ever taken.


Rick's Produce

I'm a regular at my local farmer's market in Silver Lake, so I was so stoked when one of my favorite vendors opened up a permanent storefront a 5-minute walk away from my house. They have everything from house-made pasta to fresh juices, as well as a vegan-friendly takeaway menu. It's definitely our little neighborhood's best kept secret. I always run into friends there!

Joshua Tree by Alison Beckner

Joshua Tree, CA

This place is pure magic. Someone once told me that the strong magnetic force of the earth in Joshua Tree makes you feel more grounded. While I'm not necessarily convinced by the science behind that statement, it resonates with me because I have never felt so physically connected with a space as I do here. It's like living on another planet. Plus, any excuse to get off the grid. (FWIW, the antiquing/thrift shopping in Yucca Valley is amazing.)