In the last couple of years, fitness has finally hit Paris and what a hit. A real vestimentary revolution. Including, consequentially, the birth of the 1st local athleisure brands. Below, a selection of our current favs, for an easy transition between that je ne sais quoi street style and performance activities.

Ernest Léoty: Couture for leisure

Launched last season, ERNEST LEOTY is a new athleisure brand founded by Marion Rabate, with a focus on couture details. And there is something very unique - especially these days - in the key elements of inspiration behind the brand: the corset and a man. As a matter of fact, Ernest Léoty invented the 1st modern corset of the 1800s, introducing technical and modern materials and designs and giving freedom to this symbol of feminine oppression. 

The line is produced in Europe and in collaboration with established corset makers in France. The color palette mixes navy and prune with contrasting ivory and soft grey, as well as touches of cerise and teal. The brand finally brings to the game some pieces that really fit the local consumer expectations, and that the community will enjoy reworking, from street to studio and vice versa. 

Katia Castel: Blue Velvet

KATIACASTEL is an activewear and swimwear brand for women, produced in Paris and mixing design, comfort and technicity. The brand offers a selection of limited pieces that accentuate the waist, flatter curves and lengthen the silhouette, pushing the boundaries of performance outfits. At the heart of the collection: the hope that it will bring confidence to women, wherever they are and inspire them to challenge themselves and push their limits. What we like best?  The materials. The soft, elegant and iridescent innovative velvet produced in Italy (with anti-perspirant and antibacterial properties) and the UV protector recycled lycra made in Italy with Econyl®, 100% made with regenerated polyester fibers from post-consuming plastic (and great for sports AND swimming).

Epi Swim: Epic and Ethic 

ÉPI SWIM is a French swimwear brand founded by Julie Lansom and Mathilde Hamart and made in France. Their capsule collections are built with limited edition of 50 pieces by style. They are designed in Paris and produced in a local factory in Britanny.

This slow fashion brand offers a selection of ethic and timeless looks with colors inspired by nature, produced with Italian materials. And the duo puts the diversity of shapes at the core of its identity.