FAN CLUB WINTER #1: Adidas by Stella Mc Cartney


The adidas by Stella McCartney collaboration was launched over ten years ago and is still considered revolutionary to much of our community. Today, high end competition has skyrocketed but the mix of style and innovation unique to adidas by Stella McCartney continues to catch our eye.



The Fall/Winter 2017 collection celebrates originality in sport, encouraging women to nurture both mind and body through movement, whether working up a sweat in the studio or discovering a new challenge outside in nature. Our preferences go to the signature chromatic range of blue and nude, the compression socks and yoga leg warmers that and the seamless pieces (as usual).


This season, we want women to feel they can take their workout anywhere and get creative in any environment they find themselves in. Whether they prefer the pavement or the park, the treadmill or the studio (...) so there’s no excuses not to get moving.
— Stella McCartney

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