Brooklyn-based Jacqueline Tatelman is the cofounder and creative director of STATE Bags, a “for profit company with a non profit pedigree” that helps support underprivileged youth across America. Employing the one-for-one model, for every STATE Bag purchased the company delivers a backpack filled with school supplies to a child in need.


STATE was formed in 2003 as a partnership between Jacq and her husband Scot. Since the brand’s inception, they founded Country Roads Foundation in 2009 and have partnered with Beyoncé’s #BeyGOOD global charity movement as well as with Jessica Alba’s The Honest Co.

Read on to see how this dynamic and heart-centered mother of two takes care of herself in order to best attend to those around her.


INSIDE/OUT: Tell us about your wellness routine.
I’m such a routine-based person, so I work out religiously for both my body and my mind. At least five days a week. Also, and most importantly, I eat super healthy clean foods and drink tons of water.

What are your lifestyle rituals?
Even though clean eating and regular exercise is my lifestyle, I’m never on a diet and I don’t exercise based on what’s trending. I have been reading a lot about Transcendental Meditation and have made that a goal of mine for 2019. I need more chill in my life.


Where and with whom do you train?
I work out in my building gym every day. I love having my own space. In general my workouts are pretty traditional. I run both interval sprints and long distance. I do complex body weight and heavy weight exercises that require both mind and body strength. I rarely just coast in the gym. I push myself hard with the goal of building a strong, solid body. On days when I’m feeling burned out, AAPTIV carries me through. I’m in love with this app!

What are your favorite lifestyle brands?
LNDR is my favorite brand for activewear, I love RE/DONE tees, LARABARs are my life line, I’m obsessed with all things vintage, and all of my skin care products are PAI because its super gentle on me and gets the job done. I’m sensitive ... both my heart and my skin.   

And your favorite podcasts?
The Daily, How I Built This, NPR Fresh Air, The Mentor Files, Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, GOOP, anything about the spirit world, Second Life, Monocycle, Superwomen with Rebecca Minkoff.  

Image courtesy of LNDR UK

Image courtesy of LNDR UK

Who inspires you in the workout arena?
ME! Haha. No, really, I admire a lot of people who take care of their bodies and are focused on a healthy lifestyle. Of course Kayla Itsines was someone I started following early on. Kaisa Keranen and Hannah Bronfman are totally my kinda women. I save lots of workout ideas via Instagram.

Below, from left to right: Kayla Itsines, Hannah Bronfman, Kaisa Keranen

What are your favorite media outlets?
For News: New York Times, Business of Fashion, Inc.

For Instagram: StateBags (obvi), WWD, fuckjerry, Man Repeller, Diet Prada, Vogue Magazine, Danielle Nachmani, Tracee Ellis Ross.

Do you have an active or wellness-oriented trip on your wishlist?
As of now all I want in life is to go to the Riviera Maya and crash at the Hotel Esencia. That would be my heaven.

Image courtesy of Hotel Esencia

Image courtesy of Hotel Esencia


What books have helped you with personal development?
Awaken the Spirit Within by Rebecca Rosen with Samantha Rose, Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, Onward by Elena Aguilar and Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh.

Who is a woman we should interview, and why?
My girl Nicole Fasolino she is a lover & fighter of, and for the planet. Physical perfection, giant heart, and so chic it hurts.  

Nicole Fasolino

Nicole Fasolino

Jacqueline Tatelman and family via Inside/Out Women