Beauty Call!

Higher Dose, photo:  Kelly Marshall

Higher Dose, photo: Kelly Marshall

Read on for our round up of our top New York spots for skincare, bodywork, sweating and a side of woo-woo. 


Higher Dose


Get Hot, Get High

The entire city is buzzing from getting dosed at this Bowery-based full spectrum infrared sauna spot. Using heaters that produce the same type of rays as sunlight, but without the harmful UV rays, infrared saunas are said to to detoxify, relax, beautify and rejuvenate. 

And for a heightened experience, HigherDOSE provides water, scented mists, chromotherapy options and playlists. 

HigherDOSE does pop ups as well - we got our 1st dose at BANDIER - and has expansion plans in the works. 

HigherDOSE is located in the basement of The Alchemist's Kitchen (more on that in our Shopping Guide to come), sharing space with The Cryosphere (Cryo Facials) and NutriDrip (IV vitamin drips and booster therapy). 


Maha Rose


Sacred Space & Holistic Healing

Maha Rose began over a decade ago in the form of meditation circles that founder Lisa Levin's hosted for friends in her loft in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. In 2009 the space was baptized Maha Rose, and through organic growth supported by collaborator Luke Simon - founder of The Softer Image sober parties - has become one of New York's leading destination healing hubs. A diverse roster of over a dozen practitioners offer mind/body disciplines such as meditation, sound baths, reiki, acupuncture and tarot readings, a variety of workshops throughout each month.

Levine has since opened Maha Rose North, a spiritual wellness center created to foster transformative experiences and housed in a converted 1920s schoolhouse on a 10-acre lot in the Catskills. Check out the upcoming Moon Magic retreat hosted by Ruby Warrington and Alexander Roxo as part of their Moon Club. Full calendar here.


Sundays Nails


Bringing Sunday to Every Day

Sundays is a modern nail studio offering vegan & nontoxic services, including manicures, pedicures, and stress-relieving massages. Additionally, they have pioneered a Guided Meditation + Nail Treatment combination service as well as a book club. There are two locations, one in Nomad and the other at Saks 5th Ave.

We also love tenoverten in Tribeca (Taryn Toomey has a branded line there now) + JINsoon, another industry fav. 


Valley Nails


Nail It

Valley Nails has offered inspired non-toxic nail art in an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere since 2006. With environmentally friendly waterless pedicures to boot. Goop calls it "off-the-charts amazing." Current locations include: Nolita, Chelsea, Uptown and Scarsdale.  




Pilates for Your Face

Perhaps New York's most in-demand aesthetician, Shamarah Bondaroff offers luxurious antiaging microcurrent facials and firming body treatments at her SB SKIN spa. The Inside/Out New York community rave about refreshed and plumped skin as well as a countered jawline and overall results rivaling more invasive techniques.  


Heyday Salon


Put Your Best Face Forward

Heyday is a facial shop "taking the facial out of the spa and into your life." Bookings for customized treatments are for 30 or 50 minutes and include the option for a variety of add-ons available on site based on each individual consultation. Prices are extremely competitive and the quality of treatments top-notch. 

Also noteworthy: The Ritualist, an on demand in-home facial service serviced by liscensed estheticians with add-ons like waxing and foot massage.


Aire Ancient Baths


Be Aire

Located in a former textile factory built in 1883 in Tribeca, Aire fuses Greek and Roman bath traditions with more current spa services -  think: hot to cold pools, salt pools and aromatherapy - in a relaxing, candlelit space that is both spacious and intimate. 

We also love the Goop-approved therapeutic grottos and scrubs at Korean Aura Wellness Spa in Mid Town. 


Soho Sanctuary via Grand Life


Spa, Beauty & Fitness...for Women

Soho Sanctuary has been in operation for over 20 years and offers fitness, skincare and body treatments in a sleek eco-conscious women's only environment. We recommend following Inside/Out Expert bespoke skincare designer Caroline Wachsmuth's advice and starting with the Sanctuary Signature massage with Cynthia or Elizabeth. 

For a more festive experience, go to Great Jones for pool time with friends and choose from the extensive treatment menu. Or, go all in for a session with E. Melville at the Sal Anthony Movement Salon. He is legally blind and channels "intuitive body-sense" in his signature "Blend" massage, a mix of Swedish, deep tissue and reflexology with Thais stretches. This one recommended by natural beauty makeup artist and herbalist (and future Inside/Out Expert) Jessa Blades


Hale Salon


Hale-thy Hair

Another address approved by green queen Caroline Wachsmuth, Hale Organic Salon boldly and honorably claims to be the most environmentally friendly salon in the city. All color treatments are ammonia-free, products are by organic hair-care brands and no chemicals are sprayed in the entire salon area. 


Dry Bar


Peace, Love & Blowouts

Although we have definitely observed a decrease in blowouts recently and love that so much of our community are embracing the natural hair movement, a New York guide wouldn't be complete without a mention of this pioneering chain. Dry Bar is quick, affordable and, in our case, particularly practical for staying presentable after that sweaty training session squeezed in between business meetings while traveling. 


Haven Spa


Haven not Shaven

Haven is hands down - or should we say pants down? - the place to go for waxing. The space is more cozy than clinical, conveniently located in Soho and the aestheticians work efficiently and with care, using premium products like essential oils to ensure that no irritation ensues.

While we're down there, may we also suggest SanaVita for colonic therapy and lymphatic drainage? 




Women & Wellness

Earth & Sky Healing Arts is a wellness center located in Long Island City, Queens. They offer a vast array of modalities for holistic healing and prevention focused on women's health. The founder, Katinka Locascio has a background in science and practices as a massage therapist, herbalist, bodyworker and labor doula. 





Chillhouse is a café-spa hybrid located on the Lower East Side. The brainchild of Taste the Style founder Cyndi Ramirez Fulton and a partner from the hospitality industries, the stylish space caters to relaxing or recharging with body massages like the "Chill Pill" and the "The Hangover Cure", manicures with an emphasis on nail art using products from brands like Base Coat and JINsoon and the libation menu is broken down into "Turn Me On" (coffees and teas) and "Wind Me Down" (Golden Latte, Beet-chata). 

The curated selection of merch includes Chillhouse caps, and products from Moon Juice, Cap Beauty and Little Barn Apothecary


City Wellness Collective


Space for Healing

Michelle Keinan is a transformational mentor and somatic healer who works with "badass females who live life on their own terms". In the fall of 2016, she co-founded the City Wellness Collective with her husband Dan to empower and support NYC's community of healers to do their best work. 

This translates as a member's only network of wellness professionals that operate in a space above the Chelsea Flower Market in which the high caliber healers - all vetted by Michelle and Dan - have access to treatment rooms and a shared lounge that serves as a hub to encourage mingling between clients and practitioners. 

City Wellness's current roster boasts over 25 healers, proposing practices and modalities that include acupuncture, massage therapy, cranio-sacral balancing, shamanic clearing, crystal healing, reiki, naturopathy, meditation, higher brain living, hypnotherapy, tripollar facials, intuitive guidance, breathwork, thai yoga massage…and more.