Michelle Pellizzon is the founder of Holisticism, a collective dedicated to making ‘wellness and wellbeing more accessible to more people.‘ In addition to serving as a booking platform providing virtual appointments with hundreds of vetted practitioners across the globe and at various price points, the site also serves as a network (there are currently 16,000+ members) and offers free content in the form of tips, tools and education.

Michelle Pellizzon x Holisticism

With intel like that, what better woman to share some of those people, practices, rituals and other resources that keep her at the top of her game?


INSIDE/OUT: Tell us about your weekly wellness routine?
A very important practice for my mind is meditation. (I know, eye roll, everyone says it but it’s true.) But I don’t always practice Vipassana-style or Vedic meditation. Sometimes I’m more in the mood for moving meditation or creative meditation. For me, meditation means taking time for at least 20 minutes a day to offer my mind the opportunity to get into flow state.

And lately, I’ve been really into painting with my left hand - I am neither a visual artist nor am I left-handed - and I’ve found so much joy and freedom in it.

And your rituals?
I have a tendency to immerse myself deeply in work (it’s very boring and unhealthy, I don’t recommend it), so a major lifestyle ritual for me is making the time I spend with my loved ones sacred. I say ‘I love you,’ far more often than I used to! Like, all the time. I throw out ILY like candy on Halloween. But I genuinely mean it when I say it.  I feel like it’s really important for me to remind the people in my life how much they mean to me and how much I value their presence. So I try to tell people as soon as I feel it - very Piscean of me!

This year, many of my friends and I started putting recurring weekly ‘hangouts’ in our calendars - a specific time set in stone during which we actively made time for each other.

As someone running a startup, it’s really easy for me to over schedule myself and be in meetings from the moment I wake up (literally) to right before I fall asleep. Having anchor points of personal time spent with my friends and community keeps me sane and gives me perspective. I appreciate that special time with them so much. I’m beyond grateful for the people in my life.

A favorite trainer or studio?
I love Justine Malick at dr pilates and Kara Griffin of Feel This with Kara. They’re both amazing teachers who have killer knowledge of the body.

Who are your favorite practitioners?
I’m lucky in that I have too many favorites to name! I always appreciate my time with Julie Washington, microcurrent facials with Tess and Sadie Adams of Take Care, and breathwork with Keely Semler.

Your favorite brands?
I’m a huge fan of Anima Mundi’s tonics and potions, Jungmaven’s hemp clothing and sheets, Kosas cosmetics, and AllSwell journals.

An active or wellness oriented trip on your wishlist?
I’m dying to spend some time in Big Sky, Montana.

What podcasts are you listening to these day?
I’m a bit of a podcast junkie. In no particular order:

Your favorite media outlets?
Oh, this is so tough for me! I love Nautilus, The Fullest magazine, and the Nourished Journal. I also read The Atlantic and The New York Times religiously.

A book that has helped you with personal development.
There’s an entire library of personal development books on Holisticism, but two of my most influential are The Four Agreements by Don Miguel and Setting the Table by Danny Meyer. So different, but so impactful!

A woman we should interview and why.
Lenea Sims of Gooey Girl is doing amazing things in the space of wellness, creativity, and spirituality. I’m obsessed with her!

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