The first installment of our New York Lifestyle Guide. Featuring a selection of our favorite classes, studios and teachers. 



Now go out and get moving!




Jump, Skip, Smile, Sweat

Amanda Kloots is a former Rockette and Broadway dancer and former head trainer at Body by Simone. Her enthusiasm is as contagious as her body is motivating.

Both The Rope and The Dance offer unique high intensity workouts with creative, yet accessible choreography. 
Check out some moves from The Rope here

Kloot's classes are hosted by our friends at Bandier in our favorite Flatiron playground, Studio B. Also home to The Class, Akin's Army, AKK and more. 


Cathartic Movement

Screaming, dancing, jumping, sweating, crying. So flows a typical workout at The Class. Founded by lithe powerhouse Taryn Toomey, aka TT,  and supported by a meticulously chosen group of charismatic instructors with one of the biggest followings in NY,  this challenging mind-body experience combines guided instruction with carefully curated music to strengthen and transform. 


T-A All the Way

With 8 studio locations, video streaming, apparel, nutritional supplements and a client roster that includes Gwyneth Paltrow (also a TA partner) and Lena Dunham, fit-repreneur Tracy Anderson doesn't need much of an introduction. 

Her latest studio on 59th Street is housed in a former movie theatre, has a curated retail center and will soon include a TA CAFE and a meal service. 

Now if only we could figure out how to follow the tricky cardio-dance choreography! 



Pedal Party

For many people and on an increasingly international level, SoulCycle is the Lululemon "Wunder Under" of wellness, i.e., the gateway to fitness. 

Set in a candlelit room, with high-energy music, and instructors that are part motivational speaker and part army sergeant, riders move in unison, high on endorphins, tranced out, and connected with each other...and themselves.

Try also: Total Request rides at Cyc Fitness, live DJs with Peleton, the social booking option at Flywheel (the ability to see who is booking the bikes around you), and bike/swim cross-training at Aqua Studio


Runner's High

The MHRC brings the dance floor to the treadmill in both NoLita and NoMad. A light show and hot tracks played over a solid sound system, combine with expertly structured intervals coached by elite runners and the energy of 40 people with the common interest of training hard without sacrificing entertainment. 

Check out also their outdoor programs and retreats to places like Portugal and Croatia. 



Woom is a unique wellness center on the Bowery offering a vegan café slash co-working slash community space and a studio space proposing multi-sensory yoga and meditation experiences, based on the therapeutic properties of sound vibration, scent and visual effects.

Founders Elian and David Zach-Shemesh decrypt their methods and provide some tips for creating a sensual and sensuous environment at home here (via The Chalkboard mag). 

Want more wow for the now? Try Inscape and MNDFL.  


Elite Training

S10 is a member's only fitness studio focused on weight training, nutrition & personalized coaching. 

S10 stands for sub-10 and is a reference to body fat. Created by certified personal trainer (and charismatic hunk) Stephen Cheuk, the workouts are equipment-based and intense, combining strength, flexibility and cardio. 

Harper's Bazaar called it "the body shrinking workout." Based on a client list that includes entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman, stylist Shiona Turini and Solange (just Solange), we call it extremely convincing. 


Flex Appeal

We like to think of Flex Studios as the OG of dynamic group Pilates.

With 2 studios, one in Flatiron and the other NoHo (obviously), they offer a variety of Pilates classes on their own FlexFormer machines, as well as TRX, cardio barre and a Pilates/barre combo (our pick!). 

The instructors are top-notch (Jenn! Jess!) and with regular practice, the methods produce results very quickly. But do take note: it never gets easy! 


Kunda Crazy

Golden Bridge Yoga originally began in 1992 in the living room of the Santa Monica home of a teacher who for many years has gone by Gurmukh. When her home became too small for the growing community, she and her husband took over a space on 3rd Street, then in Hollywood, eventually opening a studio in NYC in 2008. 

From a peaceful spot spread out over 3 floors in SoHo, Golden Bridge specializes solely in Kundalini Yoga. No planks and warrior poses here. Rather, classes include chanting, breathing, singing and various kriya (physical sequences) that focus on stimulating the central nervous system and bringing energy to life in the body.  Your eyes will stay closed for most of the practice, but if you sneak a peek you just might see fellow practitioners like Christy Turlington and Gabby Bernstein. 


Strengthen Lengthen Tone

SLT is a full-body cardio strength training - pilates hybrid workout with 5 studios in Manhattan, 1 in Brooklyn and others in New Jersey, Westchester, Roslyn and Philly. 

Effective, inspiring and notoriously hard as F*, you'll be drenched in sweat, legs like jelly and wanting to quit. But you won't, because you also feel powerful...and refuse to lose face in front of both the tough teacher and that celebrity on the neighboring MegaFormer. 

Aching for more unique NY workouts? Try ModelFIT, New York Pilates and The Fhitting Room.


Bringing Mindfulness to the Fight

The Box & Flow workout is the brainchild of Olivia Young, and by far one of the most popular workouts in the Bond Street boutique fitness 'hood. 

Conceived to create balance, the workout aims to provide a strong workout that releases aggression (fight) but followed by a power yoga sequence that allows for release rather than the residual anger that can remain in a typical flight scenario. 

Stay tuned for more Box & Flow studios popping up in the new future....

We hear that boxing is the new spinning. For the sake of investigation, we recommend Shadowbox, Gotham Gym and Aerospace


Sweet Spot

This little Greenpoint haven is about a sweet a spot as they come.

Lucent Yoga is a vinyasa-based studio, and each teacher shares her (or his) own expression of the signature style, with focus on fluidity and intuitive movement. The playlists are smooth and the stylish space is small and cozy, never cramped.

Like to flow? Our NY community also loves: Sky Ting, Kula and Katonah.  


Let's Get High

In a low key, unassuming way, The Cliffs is quite the scene.

Large, colorful, Kandinsky-esque rock-climbing walls with multiple faces and a rappel tower for adults and kids.

They also proposes retreats, training programs, including women's only. Partners can be assigned on site and the place features a gym and showers. 

If you have a passion for Air Mowabbs, Pendleton shirts, and fantasize about  James Franco in 127 hoursThe Cliffs at LIC is the place for you. 



See You at the Barre...

Shaktibarre  is a space created to empower the feminine in everybody, operating in the guise of a yoga-barre wellness studio in Williamsburg. The work itself  is unique and effective, combining tonighing isometric ballet movements, Vinyasa-flow, chakra activation and empowering meditation. But wait, there's more.... 

Founded by Corinne Wainer, Shaktibarre is not just another niche fitness fad.  For starters, pricing operating on a sliding scale, and 10% of proceeds going to YoGirls, a non-profit - also founded by Wainer - that provides yoga and meditation tools to at-risk girls.  

Shaktibarre frequently hosts workshops and events, like sexuality workshops, mother's groups and discussions on subjects like activism, sustainable wellness. There is also a café created by co-founder Shauny Lamba, a workspace, and a wellness room. 

nicole winhoffer


Move It

An innovative fitness artist, dancer, personal trainer and co-creator of Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness and Addicted to Sweat programs, Nicole Winhoffer is a renowned storyteller through her workouts and choreography.

Her current program, The NW Method, consists of an exhilarating dance-fitness workout, combining choreographed moves, toning and strength training through studio classes in NY, at times LA and online. But don't take our word for it, seeing is believing and Winhoffer has helped shape some of the best bodies in the entertainment business including Madonna, Mya, Rachel Weisz, Stella McCartney and Jennifer Connelly. 

Try also 305 Fitness, a sweaty workout that combines cardio dance and toning with a Miami dance-floor inspired vibe. And the fun DanceBody, a high-intensity fitness-focused dance workout founded by firecracker Katia Pryce and available both IRL and online. Hashtag #YouCanSitWithUs 



Light my Fire

The budding community at YogaSpark does not only practice hot yoga. According to founder Lauren Porat, the space and method creates a place for them to "learn how to get empowered and be blown away by themselves".  

Porat's intention was for a studio combing strong yoga, fitness and fun. She wanted her community to play, smile and enjoy the journey. This translates into classes like BlacklightSpark, candlelight hot yoga, and a tranced out SuperSpark hybrid class. YogaSpark débuted in Westchester and now boasts a new Tribeca location, perfectly positioned in Manhattan's latest fit-crazed neighborhood. 

Like it hot? Try also: Lyons Den Power Yoga and Modo Yoga.