Inside/Out is thrilled to share its 1st astro-installment, courtesy of celebrated NYC astrologer, Rebecca Gordon. Read on to learn why this month is so important, how to understand its impact and tips for navigating the year ahead, sign by sign. 

This August, two Eclipses will bring a dramatic light show to the signs of Leo and Aquarius. The first will be a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius August 7; and the second will be a Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 21, which will be visible across the United States!
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"Perhaps you can feel that the ground beneath you has already begun to shift in an area of your life where things once felt fixed and stable. Eclipse Season means that change is inevitable and once you take a leap of courage, your previous reality will soon dissolve into a much more exciting new reality. Though if you hesitate and hold fast to the past, the rug will be pulled from beneath you anyway. So change is non-negotiable, and that is usually a good thing during this time of year.

The eclipses’ re-alignment of Sun and Moon represent your personal re-alignment of body and soul. They appear every 6 months to force us to reconnect with who we are, what we have done and then they point to an important leap of courage. One thing for sure is that eclipses expedite evolution. They speed up the soul’s Karmic path and shine a bright light on parts of us that may have veered far off course. The path back to center can often be jolting, depending on how far we have strayed. Eclipse medicine will be at its height in August, though it will ripple through your life for the entire year to come. Dive in and be courageous stardust beauties!"



Here are a few useful tips for navigating this eclipse season:

  • Leave lots of empty slots on your calendar in August because you will need them. Having space and time to process will be essential for releasing what is no longer working for you, and also for seizing any new opportunities that might arise.

  • Make observations, listen well, and take note. You can probably expect the re-emergence of a theme from 18 years ago. However this time around, you will have an opportunity to approach it with the added wisdom you have garnered.

  • Trust and leap across the chasm. Let a layer of skin shed away, even if it hurts. It might be something that once gave you security, such as an old job, a home, a relationship, or perhaps even a habit, or a familiar way of seeing yourself.

Now here’s what these Eclipses will mean for Each Zodiac Sign:


Let Go: Draining relationships and social circles that do not make you feel amazing.

Dive In: Love, Romance, Fellow fire signs will light up the sky for you.



Let Go: An old career objective that you’re not 100% passionate about any longer.

Dive In: New Home, paint colors, essential updates to make your home match your state of mind.



Let Go: An old way of sharing your message. It can be much more fun.

Dive In: Writing a book, a blog, learning a new language.



Let Go: The money story passed down to you from your parents.

Dive In: The ability to hone your craft, know your worth and make a great living doing what you love increase.



Let Go: Your story about relationships, an old approach to partnering, archaic expectations.

Dive In: Express yourself in a big way, creatively, unapologetically, and be generous.



Let Go: An old routine that simply will not fly any longer for your new lifestyle demands.

Dive In: More time for spiritual practice, meditation, baths, quality sleep, and gratitude.



Let Go: Unbalanced love affairs, an old way of not valuing yourself in relationships.

Dive In: A high-vibe community that will love you, and just get you without you having to spell it all out.



Let Go: The old home, way of keeping your home, family contracts and ways of relating.

Dive In: Dream Job, follow your true calling, where you find your dignity.



Let Go: An agreement or contract that is long overdue. Re-imagine your responsibilities.

Dive In: Broadcasting, Publishing, explore opportunities to share your message.



Let Go: That stable income that you have completely outgrown. There is a brighter future for you.

Dive In: Invest your time, money and energy in a project that truly speaks to you.



Let Go: An outdated self-image.  Reimagine yourself as the Eclipse appears in your own sign!

Dive In: A divine union. Whether in love or in business, it is your time to partner and commit this year.



Let Go: Escapism. Give up a habit or an emotional pattern that is keeping you a little too safe.  
Dive In: A new work project and health regimen that has potential to capsize your life in a good way.

Rebecca Gordon, Astrologer

Rebecca Gordon is a celebrated astrologer, founder of the My Path Astrology School, author of Your Body and the Stars, and a regular on the Dr. Oz Show where she features the intersection between health and astrology. Known as New York’s #1 lifestyle astrologer, Rebecca has a penchant for both science and spirit, and she merges the two with an unmistakable accuracy, passion, and the grounded wisdom of a Virgo.