The French Open Roland Garros has always been known for serious style on court and off. This year, once again, Serena Williams is a winner all around. But her Wakanda-inspired cat suit is also much more than a fashion statement. 


Returning to the Grand Slam action on Tuesday with a 1st round victory just 8 months after giving birth to her 1st child, her court attire was chosen not just for function but also, as the star states on her Instagram account, as a celebration of 'all the moms out there who had a tough recovery from pregnancy'.

Serena_Catsuit_2_original (1).jpg

Her sponsor Nike explains that originally 'the suit was intended to be a power suit and help her recover.' As a matter of fact, compression pieces help keep blood circulating properly, and Serena has suffered from blood clots in the past.

Nike adds 'When Serena received the first sample, the waist sash was red — it was supposed to be black. But she loved it and made sure it remained part of the final design', as it apparently made her even more look like the super hero she always wanted to be. It took two years for the swoosh brand to take the suit from ideation to the court this week, but it finally became the perfect outfit for her come-back.

And there's more... Serena Williams chose The French Open to announce the launch of her new eponym line, a statement she delivered on her Instagram account:

'They say life is about timing. I learned this lesson at age 18, when I chose to play a light tennis schedule because I wanted to go to fashion school. Some criticized my decision, but I knew I had two loves--tennis and fashion--and had to find a way to make them coexist. After 15 years of false starts, and people in fashion telling me 'no', it only only drove me to work harder. As a result, I discovered what it meant to invest in myself, and I allowed that belief in myself to drive me to reach my dream. Today, I am proud to launch @serena , my own online shop. Never stop believing in yourself, you're worth it. #BeSeenBeHeard.'

According to the 'best athlete ever', 'S' stands for 'strong, sexy, sophisticated, sassy, sure, smart, stylish, silly, and spontaneous' women like her. Ready to rep your 'S'? The Queen is back, long live the queen!