Whether they're OOO or on Desk Duty, our Inside/Out gals are particular about their products...

Photo by Corinne Stoll for Inside/Out. All other images by Corinne Stoll for Inside/Out, Kelly Marshall for Inside/Out, or courtesy of brands.

Photo by Corinne Stoll for Inside/Out. All other images by Corinne Stoll for Inside/Out, Kelly Marshall for Inside/Out, or courtesy of brands.


Read on for a selection of current favs for hair, face, skin and summer sun. 


New Wash by Hair Story

Several women in the Inside/Out community rave about this product. And while we admit that the "no-poo" routine can take a bit of getting used to, summer is a perfect time to start, as the essential oils and naturally derived cleansers in New Wash will prevent damage from the salt and sun, while simultaneously detangling and preserving color.  And what could be better for travel any time of year than a singular hair product to wash, condition, detangle and repair?

S'well & bkr Reuseable Bottles

Admittedly, bottles don't exactly qualify as beauty products, but water sure does. And we all know the health benefits of grapes, too, right? The S'well bottles keep your water - and rosé - cool for up to 24 hours. Our stylish Parisian community also loves the luxe look (small mouth, and silicone sleeve) of the bkr bottles. So do your part by avoiding single-use plastic consumption while also looking great from seaside to city streets. Look good, do good. &


Supergoop! is the 1st and only skincare brand completely dedicated to UV protection. This translates as a full range of feel good formulas free of paragons, oxybenzone and synthetic fragrances, made with cruelty free ingredients and, most importantly, backed by technology that delivers advanced protection from UVA rays, UVB rays and IRA rays. The vitamin-enriched Perk Up! lip and cheek tint (SPF 40) and and 3-in-1 weightless, antioxidant Defense Refresh Setting Mist (SPF 50) are particularly adapted to an active lifestyle, on the beach in the summer or post-workout any time of the year.


Everyday Oil

A premium product for every day, everywhere and everyone. Everyday Oil is 100% plant based and includes steam-infused essential oils like Palo Santo, geranium and sage. It's cleansing enough to use as a face wash, does double duty as a face and body moisturizer, conditions hair (and beards), softens cuticles and is a nourishing after sun treatment as well.

Aveda Chakra Balancing Body Mist

Aveda's Chakra Balancing collection is inspired by Ayurveda and consists of 7 pure flower and plant essences to be used individually or layered. Each mist comes with a description, color code and intention to help activate and harmonize the affects upon the wearer.


Moon Juice Moon Dusts

We have already championed the talents and causes of Moon Juice founder and plant-based alchemist Amanda Chantal Bacon in her Expert interview (online here). This summer we can't go without her range of Moon Dusts: potent, pure adaptogenic blends for beauty and wellbeing. Great blended into a morning smoothie, combined with a bit of nut milk or sprinkled on top of some (vegan) ice cream, the potions are now particularly easily edible on the go, thanks to convenient single-dose sachets.

Vintner's Daughter Activated Botanical Serum

Vintner's Daughter is hands down the best face oil we have ever tried. Sure, we can tell you how it's 100% activated, made with the world's finest botanical nutrients and essential oils, that that it penetrates easily and with the multi-correctional benefits of a serum. We can also warn you that it comes with a price tag on par with a bottle of rare vintage Saint Emilion wine. After a month using exclusively Vintner's Daughter and seeing such a drastic improvement in skin quality - from wrinkles to breakouts to sun spots - that we have forgone all other skin care products, we just tell ourselves it's worth it.


Dr. Bronner's Hand Sanitizer

Dr. Bronner's organic lavender scented fair-trade hand sanitizer is our go to product for town and travels. We also use it to clean our yoga mats pre- and post- practice. Spritz liberally during flights, subway rides and even in the studio to ward of the germs from that pesky sniffling, sneezing, coughing neighbor. We might have even used it as a deodorant in a pinch… 

Urban Outfitters & Amazon 

Hurrraw! Balm

One of our most discerning Paris community members has been using this lip balm for ages, and we understand why. All natural, vegan and made from premium raw and organic ingredients, Hurraw! Balm is basically the balm that you dream of making for your self but never do. The subtle Coconut Balm is our daily go-to, plus the calming tangerine-vanilla SPF15 Sun Balm for summer and the rich Azulene and chamomile infused Moon Balm for overnight repair.

Coqui Coqui Perfumeria

Rooted in the Yucatan Peninsula and with a brand new outpost in Bora Bora, the Coqui Coqui Perfumeria scent collection is inspired by tropical scents and lush landscapes, produced with the utmost respect for traditional perfume production. There are currently over a dozen fragrances, including Coco Coco (coconut), Flor de Mayo (frangipani) and Menli (mint and lime). Our community has a penchant for Flor de Naranjo (orange blossom). Definitely keep the natural mosquito repellant on hand as well.