U.N.X Paris proposes a clever cross section of subtle sportswear and minimal modern staples. 


The Spring-Summer collection perfectly translates this hybride formula through a seemingly effortless mélange of details inspired by combat sports, vintage leanings and a resolutely modern thread.


The brand's collections consistently reference sports, in particular martials arts like Judo and Muay Thaï.  It therefore comes as little surprise that the brand's two founders have begun to organized Krav Maga sessions exclusively for women, aiming to promote self defense while simultaneously differentiating the brand.  

In the workshops, self defense techniques are presented simply, effectively and quickly. The intent is to empower women with the belief that they can surmount the inequalities that have been unjustly imposed upon them, and to provide them with the means to physically defending themselves in an environment that is encouraging and without false pretenses.



To those women who desire to gain confidence, overcome limits or face their fears, stay tuned for the dates of the upcoming Parisian Fight Clubs. They will be open to the public later this year. Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, check out U.N.X's collection and start to gear up here.