Jewelry is a language, an expression of what we feel is beautiful, meaningful, purposeful. Beyond being an ornament or an embellishment, it often becomes part of the wearer’s body, providing a feeling of protection when wearing it, almost naked without it. Like fragrance, it becomes this special extension of the self and the more we live with it, the more it becomes charged with our own energy and intentions.


There are jewelry designers who not only infuse their work with deep meaning, but also with energetic practices like Reiki or enlightening inspiration resulting from meditative states while drawing their pieces.


"There are three women that I am thinking of whose creations I particularly resonate with and who could very well be called 'spiritual' jewelers. It was very interesting to hear how they described their creative process, like some kind of trance, something a bit surreal and certainly magnetizing."

- Feature by Caroline Wachsmuth



Free-spirited jewelry designer Catherine Michiels combines craft with connectivity to the spiritual world, creating intention infused pieces for today’s global nomads.

“I find calm energy in my daily meditation and yoga practice, in the time spent in Hawaï where I live most of the time and where the Ocean is the healer. An Usui lineage Reiki Master, I feel that each of my pieces are infused with Reiki energy. Everyone wearing one of my charm's puts his/her intention in it and life goes on...spiritually.”



San Francisco-based jeweler Kirsten Muenster creates handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, modern heirlooms with a focus on longevity, sustainability and ethical practices.

“My jewelry is widely inspired by plants that overflow my deck, the lush green life of the Canyon where I live, eucalyptus trees, rocks, the ocean, the mist, all the wildness of the Bay Area. For each creation, I dive into a deep exploration of flora structures, with a particular obsession for pods and leaves. In the same way plants take time to grow, I can take months to experiment a shape until it comes to life. All the magic of the nature around me is then powerfully present in all the details of each piece that I produce.”

Sarah Swell


From her studio and gallery in Sausalito, California, Sarah Swell designs handmade contemporary jewelry with a focus on individual expression, rites of passage and a new sort of status symbol.  

“I begin the jewelry design process with a pen and sketchbook. I am mostly creative and spiritually connected in nature, so I draw mostly in the woods or by the sea. I shift from design to creation and infuse my love for the craft from my hands to the jewelry itself. I hope it stays with the piece as it journeys through generations of women.”


About the author: Beauty alchemist and bespoke fragrance designer Caroline Wachsmuth divides her time between San Francisco, New York and Paris. In 2013 she published Seasons, a compilation of year-round beauty recipes and health rituals. As a creative, Caroline works with select brands and private clients to create skincare, body care, fragrance and beauty products, from concept to manufacturing. Caroline’s background, studies and cultural exposure combined with the healing art of her Ashtanga yoga practice result in a singular, holistic vision in regard to beauty and self-care.

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