In 2015, Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan founded Sky Ting Yoga. After leading teacher trainings and yoga retreats together, the two opened their 1st studio and community center in Manhattan’s Chinatown, with a Tribeca locale to follow. The have since created a network of devoted students and inspired teachers. They describe the Sky Ting method as transformative, “giving students real tools to support overall well-being, to live longer and healthier lives.”

Photo by Ellinor Stigle

Photo by Ellinor Stigle

Following on their 1st Paris appearance, part of the Chez AWAY Fashion Week Pop-Up, Krissy and Chloe shared their workout philosophy and travel tips with Inside/Out.  


Inside/Out: What is your workout philosophy?
Sky Ting:
A little bit goes a long way. While traveling we don’t always have the time or space for a luxurious 1 hour+ practice, so we get creative! Even if it’s 10 minutes of breathwork, or a quick headstand to wake us up, a “practice” doesn’t have to be exactly what your normal routine is. Our favorite on-the-go travel poses: a cat/cow series, twists, pigeon, legs up the wall, and headstands!

I/O: Tell us about your travel essentials?
Olbas Oil. This is a potent essential oil, kind of like an all natural Vicks Vapor Rub. I keep it in my purse, use it on the plane, rub on my chest at night, and pour it on the floor in a steam shower if I’m feeling super lethargic or under the weather.

And my Away Bigger Carry On. This suitcase has proved super practical again and again. It’s just perfect. With a built in charger, its useful while on the road and even when you forget your converter while abroad and need a quick refill (ie. us while in Paris with Chez Away!). It’s a great size that fits all I ever need for a week away. And it’s so chic.

Krissy: Tap water. My acupuncturist (who I’m obsessed with) told me to drink the tap water when I travel to a new place when I get off the plane. Apparently, it helps acclimate my body to the new environment and aids with digestion. It actually works for me! (Though obviously don’t do this if the water is known to be dangerous to drink.)

Another essential is eye masks. I wear an eye mask on the plane and in my hotel room to sleep. It really helps with my sleep to make a room that is pitch black.

Oh, and bathing suits. You never know when you’ll need one. I’m a spa freak so I love to hit up hammans and steam rooms when I travel.

Finally, coconut oil. I use this for all purposes when I travel. As a moisturizer for my hair and skin, and sometimes to cook with!

I/O: What kind of travel tips do you recommend?
I have 3 main pieces of advice. 

  • Physically: Legs up the wall: it’s a simple yoga pose that pretty much everyone can do... I try to give myself a 5-10 minutes after a long flight in this position. If I'm walking a lot while traveling, this is a must at the end of the day!

  • Culture: Find the art! Whether it’s finding a local artisan market, visiting a museum, or seeing a piece of theater or dance, I think a really important part of traveling is getting to know how a culture expresses itself.

  • Packing: Bring a few fun things! I always pack a few fun things - be it something I'll wear or just something to put on a dresser at a hotel to make me feel at home. I love bringing scarfs, fun sunnies, lipsticks, big jewelry... so that when I'm mixing and matching clothes I can make any outfit unique, and I have options! Our teacher always says, options make you powerful.

Krissy: Local yoga. Find a local yoga studio and maybe try class in a different language! This is fun for me. I love seeing what other yoga studios are doing around the world.

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