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Raised as an athlete, Imogen grew up practicing ballet, swimming and ski racing. Along the way, she learned the hard way that twisting your life far out of alignment is never a good thing for your body. Today, she is slowly rebuilding her mind-body connection, including a heavy dose of rest and self-compassion.

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As the daughter of a bohemian Italian and an Amazonian Indian, Karina Mota is a citizen of the world and feels at home in many places but it’s in Sao Paulo that she spends her life, sharing her time between her family, her restaurants and her consulting and creative agency.

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Considering that physical exercise provides confidence that lasts throughout the day, how do we also maximize it's positive effects on our skin, by choosing the best products, including those specifically labeled as "athleisure". A question for Lili Barbery-Coulon, Paris-based beauty expert and wellness enthusiast, freelance journalist, consultant and author of Ma Récréation, a blog dedicated to beauty and lifestyle.

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