I’m a woman on the go, to the point that I currently have no fixed address. I recently chucked my Los Angeles apartment to fully embrace life on the road. I am thrilled with my decision, as I am constantly inspired, empowered by my ability to choose where and when to go next and able to satisfy my endless curiosity through exploration.

Like many humans, I am a creature of routine, particularly in regard to staying active and eating well. Although this is not always obviously to maintain with a nomadic lifestyle. My strategy: make this lifestyle a non-negotiable. Here are some of my tips on how to keep active and thus feeling fantastic when traveling.  


I am a lifelong athlete and running has always been a part of it. When I’m 'home,' I normally aim for 5-7 miles or between 45 minutes to an hour a few times a week. For travel me this is generally too much, either because I have a laundry list of sights/tastes/places to explore or because I’m a bit drained from the pace of life. I generally modify my runs to 3-5 miles to compensate. That way I save myself from over exertion and have more energy to take in my environs. Not to mention a jog is the perfect way to carve out some time for yourself, see the countryside or scout out a new neighborhood to explore later in the trip.

Walking! How I love thee! It is the absolute best way to see a city. Generally my first full day in a new place, I find myself wanting to explore every inch of it. It isn’t uncommon for me to log anywhere from 8-10 miles. After I’ve explored a day or two on foot, I turn to the bike. With many bike share programs embedded in cities all over the globe, it is a great way to get around. They are generally affordable, work wonders in beating the traffic and there couldn’t be a better way to get a local experience in a city like Copenhagen or Paris. I don’t advise this to someone who has never biked before, but if you’re a seasoned cyclist get on that bike and cover some ground!

On to my absolute favorite foreign workout: swimming. My ability to incorporate it into my home routine has always been limited. I lived too far from the beach and never had consistent access to a pool, but for travel me this is often not the case! I prefer natural bodies of water, like oceans or lakes, but a hotel pool will do the trick. Or if you find yourself in a city like Budapest, Vancouver or Berlin with divine public pools it is another way to get a local experience.

It seems keeping up with up with cardio is fairly easy, it is the strength training that goes by the wayside. At home, I worship the barre, often finding myself at Pop Physique. Since I am a bit of a veteran, I have a few moves memorized. I’ll carve out twenty minutes to focus on a combination of barre inspired planks, pushups, and using my own resistance in a series of pulsing exercises signature to the method. When needing further inspiration, YouTube is a great resource for streaming any number of workouts. Don’t be discouraged at the lack of weights! Your own body is a great tool.

In LA a week doesn’t go by where I’m not sweating it out at Cycle House.  When in a new city, I have found taking a cycling class to be such a blast! It’s another way to switch up the routine and get in touch with the local vibe. Some cities even offer classes in English, but if they don’t I encourage you to take one anyway. Every instructor I’ve encountered is happy to help and can explain the basics needed to keep up. If you’re a yoga/pilates/CrossFit maven at home it won’t be too challenging for you to adapt. Some of my favorite studios outside Los Angeles are Dynamo in Paris (bien sûr), PopFit in London and Ride in Toronto.

Next time you’re off gallivanting in any corner of the globe remember there are a multitude of ways to keep active. Your body and mind will thank you. I don’t need to sing the praises of exercise to you experts! Better sleep, a more relaxed state of mind and an unexpected bonus as a way to take in some local flare. Now excuse me while I beat the sweltering Parisian heat by hopping on a city bike and taking a dip in the canal

Kyle Beechey

Kyle Beechey is a globetrotting writer, photographer and creative consultant.
When she isn’t scribbling in a notebook, snapping 35mm photos or helping clients
with their branding needs, she can be found scouring the markets of a foreign land
and trying her best to pass as a local.